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TriNet Accord

Helping You Succeed by Removing Most of Your Employment Burdens

TriNet Accord

TriNet Accord provides essential HR services that reduce employment-related burdens. From delivering invaluable HR support and payroll services to affordable benefits and workers’ compensation, TriNet Accord is a trusted business partner.

  • Payroll: Accurate, secure payroll preparation, tax reporting, and payments
  • Benefits: Affordable benefit plans to help contain HR costs
  • Risk Protection & Compliance: Compliance expertise on federal and state HR laws
  • HR Team: Dedicated team of HR professionals providing expert advice and HR support
  • Cloud Platform: Streamlines payroll and HR administration for clients, and provides employees with convenient access to an online time clock, timecards, personnel records and more


Q: What is TriNet Accord?
A: It's the new name of AccessAccord.

Q: How can I log in to TriNet Accord?
A: At the top of the page, locate the “LOGIN” button. Select “TriNet Accord” from the dropdown list to be redirected to the TriNet Accord login page. Be sure to bookmark the login page to go directly to the login page in the future.

Q: Where can I find TriNet Accord content or forms previously available at accordhr.com?
A: Much of the content intended for clients and worksite employees is now available in the TriNet Accord portal. Please log in to gain access to TriNet Accord's valuable content and resources. If you can't find what you’re looking for, please use the LiveChat resource within TriNet Accord to speak to a TriNet Accord representative who will be glad to assist you.

Q: Who can I contact with questions?
A: Customers and Employees: Contact your Client Resource Consultant at 866.922.3414.
Benefit Inquiries: Contact a member of your service team at 888.216.0155.

Q: I’m having trouble logging into TriNet Accord. Who can I contact?
A: Customers and Employees: Please call 866.922.3414 and ask for your Client Resource Consultant.

Q: How do I log in to TriNet Accord for the first time?
A: For instructions on your first time logging in, visit our portal login page by choosing “TriNet Accord” from the login dropdown list at the top of this page.

Q: Where can I find Accord Advisor articles?
A: New articles and archived content from the Advisor will soon be available on trinet.com. Stay tuned for an update on where to find these valuable resources. For additional information and timely topics, check out the TriNet blog.

Q: I am not a current TriNet Accord client, but I’m interested in learning more about TriNet's bundled HR products. Where can I find more information?
A: Please visit our Products page to view our available bundled HR products.

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