Time & Attendance

Time and attendance tracking in the cloud helps organizations like yours keep accurate time and make informed workforce decisions. With time tracking software, you can stay compliant and efficient, making real-time business and workforce decisions based on actual time and labor data.

Visual scheduler

Generate work schedules efficiently with the visual scheduler and view scheduled hours by day, week or month. Add breaks that align with your scheduling policies and easily change schedules to optimize your staffing mix. The calendar view enables your employees to see time off requests so they may responsibly schedule time off to ensure the team has sufficient staffing coverage.

Intuitive dashboards

Dashboards make it easy for employees to clock in and out as well as access their work schedules. It’s also easy for employees to transfer between departments. The manager dashboard allows you to view and edit time cards with notification icons that warn of exceptions and missing punches.

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Robust reporting features enable you to identify patterns, forecast trends and help predict operational needs such as minimizing overtime. It’s easy for you to track total hours, overtime accruals and project expenses in a variety of ways.

Our analytics tool tracks and monitors your employees’ hours to help you control costs. It is also a helpful tool for ACA compliance.


Whether you’re looking for file-based import and export functions, or you’d like a web service application programming interface that automatically exports your data, we can handle integration with nearly any HR software platform. By automatically capturing time and attendance details, you’ll eliminate subjective policy interpretation, helping your organization comply with local, state and federal labor laws.