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As an executive at a financial services firm, your core business concerns revolve around performing, as well as safeguarding customer assets and data, improving value for your stakeholders, mitigating risk, and ensuring regulatory compliance. Many other functions, while necessary to running your company, are a distraction from your focus on revenue-generating activities. To stay focused, financial services firms are embracing the strategic outsourcing of HR functions including benefits, payroll, and workforce risk management.

A unique shared employer relationship model allows TriNet Ambrose to assume many of the responsibilities of being an employer on behalf of our clients.

TriNet Ambrose has a multi-decade history specializing in serving financial services firms including some of the world's most prestigious boutique and alternative investment firms. As a result of extensive experience in financial services HR administration, TriNet Ambrose houses unique deep domain expertise and cultural congruence with its clients.

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Managing HR Challenges for Financial Services Companies

  • Limited time and resources
    Financial services professionals spend most of their time focused on markets and driving performance for their clients. That’s their passion and skill set. But the regular burden of payroll, benefits, and HR administration can be an unwanted distraction from core financial services activities.
  • Maintaining HR compliance
    "Many organizations find it difficult to keep up with all the requirements for HR compliance. Though the oversights are unintentional, that doesn’t mitigate the risk. Financial services firms must assure, capital providers and other stakeholders that they will remain compliant.
  • Access to Fortune 500-caliber benefits
    Financial services companies are in a competitive industry for recruiting and retaining top talent. Offering the highest-caliber benefits package is often out of reach to small companies.


Streamline your HR

Gain freedom to focus

With TriNet Ambrose, you will receive personalized, expert, and seamless support, optimizing your time and maximizing your ability to focus on your core responsibilities:

  • HR service team with a true understanding of financial services HR administration and the internal dynamics of financial services companies
  • In-house experts and legal team trained to resolve financial services HR issues
  • Financial services industry-specific capabilities, such as processing large bonuses, ad hoc bonuses, or payments for partner members
  • Cultural and philosophical alignment resulting in more proactive, prompt, and precise service overall

Minimize risk

TriNet Ambrose assumes selected areas of employer liability on your behalf, reducing your risk and helping protect your interests with our shared employment model. Ambrose has a prestigious and successful client base including some of the world’s most renowned firms. As a result, you can provide reassurance to your employees, clients, capital providers, and all other stakeholders that your HR and compliance functions are expertly managed by experts with a history of success.

Top-tier benefits

We give you the ability to offer a comprehensive and rich benefits program that meets the high expectations of your workforce—from top-tier PPO medical plan options to pre-tax flexible spending accounts to a wide variety of other optional plans and services.


Financial Services Clients

Equilend Holdings“TriNet is very responsive, very knowledgeable, and very helpful.”
Nicole McCormack, Finance | Equilend Holdings, LLC

Equilend Holdings“For small firms, this is an easy solution for payroll administration and a suite of benefits. TriNet staff have always been very helpful and supportive.”
Michael Richter, CFO | Lime Brokerage, LLC

TZP Management Associates, LLC“We have been a TriNet client since 2007 and have always been impressed with their client services and professionalism.”
Sheera Michael, CFO | TZP Management Associates, LLC