Venture Capital

Investing in today’s environment requires exceptional insight into emerging customer needs, an understanding of technology, and extensive experience guiding new ventures from the earliest stages. Success requires a focused, skilled, adaptable and resourceful team. Whether evaluating a new investment opportunity or advising an early stage startup, VCs simply can’t afford to be hindered by HR administrative tasks and compliance challenges.

TriNet Ambrose has a long history providing venture capital firms with a tailored HR solution that delivers quality and saves time. TriNet Ambrose is recognized in the venture community for its commitment to the success of its clients and their portfolio companies through outstanding HR service. With TriNet Ambrose, venture capital employees receive the highest level of service and unique capabilities ideal for venture firms, from a service team that is a proven cultural fit.

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  • Challenges
  • Solutions

Managing HR through the Venture Capital Lifecycle

  • Limited time and resources
    VCs are focused on activities that create return for the funds, leaving little time and resources to attend to non-core activities. Back-office tasks such as payroll, benefits, and HR administration must be done right, and doing so requires time you don’t have.
  • Maintaining HR compliance
    With an increasingly complex regulatory environment, maintaining HR compliance is best handled by dedicated specialists. VCs must be able to confidently ensure, capital providers, portfolio companies and other stakeholders that they are in full compliance with state and federal employment law and regulation.
  • Access to Fortune 500-caliber benefits
    VCs are competing for talent with not only other alternative investment firms, but also with big banks and consultancies. The ability to offer the highest-caliber benefits package has traditionally been reserved for large companies.


Streamline your HR

Gain freedom to focus

With TriNet Ambrose, you will receive personalized, expert, and seamless support, optimizing your time and maximizing your ability to focus on your core responsibilities:

  • HR service team with a true understanding of financial services HR administration and the internal dynamics of venture capital companies
  • In-house experts and legal team trained to resolve financial services HR issues
  • Financial services industry-specific capabilities, such as processing large bonuses, ad hoc bonuses, and a platform for partner and members

Minimize risk

TriNet Ambrose assumes selected areas of employer liability on your behalf, reducing your risk and helping protect your interests with our shared employment model. Ambrose has a prestigious and successful client base including some of the most renowned firms. As a result, you can reassure your employees, clients, capital providers, and all other stakeholders that your HR and compliance functions are expertly managed by specialists.

Top-tier benefits

We give you the ability to offer a rich benefits program that meets the high expectations of your workforce—from top-tier PPO medical plan options to pre-tax flexible spending accounts to a wide variety of other optional plans and services.