Industry-Specific HR Services

TriNet has a fundamental belief that HR is not a one-size-fits-all solution. We provide all of the HR services your company needs to succeed, but we take it one step further by customizing for your industry. All of our bundled HR products provide Fortune 500-caliber benefits options, payroll administration, risk protection & compliance, excellent service from an HR team, and a convenient cloud platform.

Whether your company is a hedge fund looking for top-tier benefits, a fast-growth technology company needing a self-service HR portal, or a manufacturing company looking for assistance with workers compensation, TriNet has a bundled HR product specifically tailored to meet your needs.

Learn how we’ve helped business leaders in a variety of industries realize their ambitions.

What They’re Saying

Peter Yolles, CEO and Founder of WaterSmart Software is passionate about protecting the nation's water resources. He thanks TriNet Passport for allowing his team to focus 100% of their attention on accomplishing that mission.

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