Burton M. Goldfield

Burton M. Goldfield
President & CEO, TriNet

Free up precious time and resources so you can reach your true business goals.

Your business is growing quickly but you're frustrated because HR administrative chores are distracting you from your core business—after all, you didn't go into business to focus on HR. That's why it makes good business sense to outsource your HR needs to TriNet. With TriNet, all of your employee HR needs will be taken care of automatically, so you can get back to putting 100% of your effort into making your business successful.

As your HR provider, TriNet delivers:

  • Top-tier employee benefits plans
  • Minimized liability risks
  • Payroll processing, tax administration, and W-2 preparation
  • Scalable services that grow as your company’s needs grow

Free HR offloading toolkit

In this comprehensive guide, you will discover:

  • What your human resources options are
  • What a PEO is and how they help thousands of businesses
  • How some companies have successfully used PEO services

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