Online Solution is Efficiency in Action

As your workforce grows, so does the complexity of your payroll—forcing you to reconcile non-salaried employee hours, project-based work, and overtime. And mistakes resulting from complicated forms and data issues can lead to expensive repercussions. Do you have a way to integrate your time and attendance with your payroll and HR processes, preventing costly data errors?

TriNet Time is fully integrated through our payroll system for comprehensive management of all your employees, including hourly and project-based labor. The system includes powerful reporting capabilities to track the impact of different schedules on overtime expenses, as well as the precise labor costs for specific projects.


Efficient interface

  • Simple web-based timesheet submittal
  • Seamless two-way integration with TriNet’s HR portals
  • Paid Time Off, schedule, and benefits accrual tracking for hourly employees (based on your eligibility rules)
  • Workflow and approval systems to authorize overtime and hours worked

Flexible functionality

  • Accommodates distinct payroll rules for different employee groups
  • Holiday tracking against multiple holiday calendars
  • Available accounting frameworks based on your business needs—calendar, anniversary date, fiscal year, etc.

Powerful reporting capability

  • Precise management reports on hours, overtime accruals and project expenses
  • Detailed insight enables accurate measures for project profitability

The TriNet Difference

  • Full integration through a single sign-on to TriNet's HR portals
  • HR processes, payroll, and TriNet Time records always in sync

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