Cloud Platform: Industry-Leading HR Platform

Online Self-Service

TriNet equips your managers with web-based HR self-service features and real-time data to do such things as: hiring and terminating employees, adjusting employee pay, viewing real-time benefits data, and creating compensation reports. The same self-service system allows employees to view and manage their own payroll info, enroll in benefits, view paystubs and W–2s, and more.

TriNet has invested significantly into building an industry-leading proprietary technology infrastructure, creating role-based, HR self-service capabilities to help employees, managers, and executives access the information they need, when they need it.

Unlike other HR providers, TriNet includes sophisticated workflow capabilities to all but eliminate paperwork and manual effort. And it offers employer-level applications to help manage crucial tasks such as benefits and compensation planning.

Analytics & Reporting

You likely have plenty of business data on hand. The challenge is finding a way to analyze that data so you can put it to use and gain the insights you need to make smart business decisions. TriNet solves the problem with a robust enterprise-class analytics HR reporting tool that lets you unlock the potential of your business data.

Multiple report options save you time and money

You can manage your business data using a variety of HR analysis reporting and HR dashboard creation options. Custom report capabilities are built using business intelligence tools with highly intuitive navigation and dynamic self-service HR reporting capabilities.

  • Pre-formatted reports: Standard payroll reports used most frequently by TriNet clients.
  • Flex reports: Reports that can be formatted in a variety of ways so you don’t have to build the report from scratch.
  • Custom reports: Personalized reports that are unique to your business and allow you to assemble your data in list, crosstab and chart formats. Once created, custom report formats can be saved for use on future projects.

TriNet Mobile App

TriNet Mobile App

View how easily our clients can access their personal HR data anytime, anywhere.

TriNet Mobile Interactive Demo

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TriNet Mobile App

View how easily our clients can access their personal HR data anytime, anywhere.

HRP Mobile Demo

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Staying current with important personal information no matter where you are is now a fact of mobile working life. So the TriNet Mobile App lets TriNet Passport clients and their employees keep an eye on what's going on with their essentials. Instead of having to log on at their desk or make a call in the middle of a busy day, the answers are waiting 24/7 on their Android or iOS devices. Available for select products.

Essential data access on the go

  • My Pay: See history, amounts, deductions and compare checks
  • My Benefits: View benefits, coverage amounts, and keep group number handy
  • My Time: View available leave balance, history request time off with manager viewing and approval
  • Company Directory: Company-wide contacts, email and call from contact links

Learn more

If you’re a TriNet Passport client, download our Android app at Google Play, our iOS app at the App Store, or call TriNet’s Solution Center at 800.638.0461.

Industry Specialization: HR Is Not One-Size-Fits-All

TriNet offers three bundled HR products; each designed to meet the specific needs of companies in different industries. The specialization and focus enables each product to leverage deep industry expertise and best practices to perfect the service for clients.

To learn more about how TriNet’s Cloud Platform is tailored to match your specific needs, click on the TriNet bundled HR product below aligned with your industry:

TriNet Ambrose TriNet Passport TriNet SOI

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