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Risk Protection & Compliance: TriNet Reduces Your Employer-Related Risks

What does that mean?

Given the explosion of employment-related laws and regulations in recent years, small and midsize businesses face an avalanche of risk and compliance hurdles every day. Working with TriNet can help reduce the risk and increase the ease of compliance.
TriNet Risk & Legal Issues Management

Timeline of Expanding Employment Laws & Regulations

TriNet protects companies from risk with an innovative shared employer relationship model—a Professional Employer Organization—that lets TriNet assume many of the responsibilities of being an employer on behalf of its customers.

With this model, TriNet is able to share aspects of employer-related risk with respect to paying workers, administering payroll and employee benefit plans, and complying with business regulations. TriNet also makes available Employment Practices Liability Insurance.

By outsourcing your HR function to TriNet, you can focus on what you do best. To find out more, read our complimentary white paper, "What is a PEO."


Sounds serious, I'll call TriNet.

Industry Specialization: HR Is Not One-Size-Fits-All

TriNet offers three bundled HR products, each designed to meet the specific needs of companies in different industries. The specialization and focus enable each product to leverage deep industry expertise and best practices to perfect the service for clients.

To learn more about how TriNet risk protection & compliance are tailored to match your specific needs, click below on the TriNet bundled HR product - aligned with your industry:

TriNet Ambrose
TriNet Ambrose Industries

TriNet Passport
TriNet Passport Industries

TriNet SOI
TriNet SOI Industries

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