Compensation consulting helps you define your company's overall compensation strategy, developed to meet your business objectives and provide you with the means to confidently articulate that strategy through all organizational discussions. Your new strategy will ensure equity across your organization and a competitive compensation package for the marketplace in which your company competes.

Additionally, compensation consulting provides you with an accurate snapshot of current employee fit to the strategy, based on specifically targeted compensation benchmarks including industry, region, position, and experience. The result is a customized action plan that gives you the direction you need to bring current employee compensation in line with your business strategy. 


Company Objectives and Compensation

Compensation consulting helps align your company goals and compensation strategy. Your Client Services Associate will help you develop and articulate your overall compensation strategy, allowing your employees to clearly understand the connection between the strategy and their compensation.

Equity and Retention

Establishing an informed, straightforward compensation strategy that reinforces equity and fairness among your employees helps inspire employees to perform at a higher level. Your new strategy will ensure equity across your organization and helps assure that your compensation packages are competitive in your marketplace.

Compensation Alignment

Compensation consulting provides a roadmap to implement your long-term compensation strategy across the entire organization—now and in the future—for both current employees and new hires. Compensation consulting also provides direction for how to address any discrepancies as business conditions change.

The TriNet Advantage

Detailed Benchmarks

Compensation consulting delivers specific benchmarks for your organization, across roles and job descriptions, industry, geography, and other relevant criteria for your business operations.

Implementation Plan

Compensation consulting identifies all the steps needed to put the strategy into action, including the remediation path for those situations that need correcting.

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