We Grow With You

The issues and obstacles facing a company of 20 employees are very different from a business that grows to 100 employees. To meet this challenge, TriNet has created a set of Strategic HR Services that enhance companies at every point in their life cycle. These strategic HR services equip customers with an unparalleled ability to acquire the best employees, align workforce goals with high-level company objectives, drive new levels of performance and productivity, and develop and mentor their future leaders. These services are available as your company needs them.

  • Career Transitions supports your terminated employees as they move to the next step in their careers.
  • Compensation Consulting helps you define your compensation strategy, developed along your business objectives.
  • Corporate Ethics Program provides incident awareness and resolution best practices in support of governance, risk, and compliance initiatives.
  • Leadership Training trains and develops your managers.
  • Talent Acquisition helps you recruit the very best talent to your company.
  • Team Accelerator develops strong teams by assessing each individual's talents and strengths as they relate to team performance.

All these strategic HR services are integrated through a single sign-on to TriNet's world-class HR portal, making it easy for customers to integrate these capabilities throughout their organization.

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