Without the foundation for an ethical culture, companies can find themselves veering into dangerous territory. Do you know how to uncover theft, fraud, and other high-risk activities within your culture? Have you established a process for enabling employees and other stakeholders to easily and confidentially report issues of misconduct?

The TriNet Corporate Ethics Program provides your company with the tools to cultivate an ethical workplace environment, including policy design and development, online and toll-free telephone incident reporting, employee training materials, and optional workshops. It empowers your employees with the tools they need to report potential ethical violations through integrated phone and web-based hotlines, with a guarantee of confidentiality.


  • Enables employees and other stakeholders to easily and confidentially report any issues or instances of misconduct
  • Fosters a culture of integrity and compliance while protecting your organization’s reputation
  • Ensures compliance with regulations that require an anonymous reporting vehicle
  • Uncovers potential theft, fraud, and high-risk activities
  • Helps you view trends in employee reports regarding ethics concerns or questions

The TriNet Difference

End-to-End Service

  • Offers the right tools and resources
  • Includes ethics policy design, communications, and resource materials
  • Tailored, customized oversight from your TriNet HR team

Leading-Edge Solution

  • Technology includes secure telephony and web-based anonymous hotline reporting
  • Policies and employee training accessible directly from industry-leading TriNet products

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