TriNet leadership training programs and development workshops are designed to increase participants’ leadership aptitudes, provide knowledge about HR issues impacting the workplace, and empower your people to become initiators of positive business achievement. The leadership training workshops take place at the customer’s location or at regional sites across the U.S. and are structured to allow for in-depth interaction between the moderator and participants. TriNet leadership training programs and development workshops include:

Embracing Leadership

A structured, one-day workshop designed to align employees with company objectives and build a culture of leadership that keeps participants focused and motivated to do their best work. Read more.

HR 101 Training for Managers and Supervisors

A two-hour training module covering HR compliance best practices, performance coaching techniques, employee evaluation guidelines, termination procedures that minimize risk, and much more. Read more.

Respect in the Workplace

In separate supervisor and employee sessions, Respect in the Workplace modules explore the impact that discrimination and harassment can have on employees and the business environment. Read more.

Embracing Leadership Workshop

The TriNet Embracing Leadership workshop will improve the performance of your entire workforce by elevating their management and leadership skills. The workshops use the proven methods and tools of Situational Leadership—including the use of case studies and role-play sessions—in order to develop the real-world experiences and capabilities participants need to become confident, effective leaders.

Each workshop is led by an experienced TriNet facilitator who is certified in Situational Leadership and other instructional techniques.

The workshop is a one-day program held in regional sessions across the U.S. enabling participants to:

  • Lead with confidence and make a positive impact on others
  • Coach and empower fellow employees and build effective teams
  • Change the workplace for the better by using techniques pioneered by nationally-known leadership experts
  • Adapt their leadership styles to company culture and the needs of employees
  • Delegate effectively to accomplish more

What makes the Embracing Leadership Workshop different?

  • Co-workers and direct reports assess the participant’s leadership style through anonymous surveys
  • Analysis of survey feedback allows workshop leaders to pinpoint specific participant strengths and opportunities for improvement
  • Case studies and role-play exercises are used to drive discussion and enable participants to practice new leadership techniques in realistic—but low-risk—settings

HR 101 Training for Managers and Supervisors

Appropriate for both seasoned managers and employees new to supervision regardless of industry category, HR 101 Training for Managers and Supervisors is a valuable empowerment opportunity. The program raises awareness of HR best practices that can minimize risk and increase compliance in the workplace. Topics covered by the training module include:

Best practices in hiring and recruiting

  • Legal issues and risks associated with the hiring process
  • Minimizing recruiting and hiring mistakes
  • Maximizing recruiting and hiring success

Coaching for performance

  • Setting clear performance expectations
  • Identifying coaching development opportunities
  • Minimizing risks by following best practices for performance management

Ending the employment relationship

  • Issues and risks associated with the termination procedures
  • Importance of best practices in the termination process
  • Facilitating an effective termination meeting

Respect in the Workplace

Allegations of harassment can have serious consequences for any business, no matter the size. Respect in the Workplace onsite training explores the impact that discrimination and harassment can have on employees and the business environment as a whole. Our trainers reinforce practices that create a positive work environment that is free from discrimination, harassment, and retaliation.

During each session, best-practice techniques are used as discussion starters that encourage participants to explore a wide range of issues including:

Sexual harassment, its variations and impact

  • Different types of sexual harassment
  • Review of workplace situations to help participants recognize sexual harassment

Creating a respectful workplace

  • Recognizing behaviors that could be considered sexual harassment
  • The benefits of being able to recognize sexual harassment behaviors

Workplace responsibilities and rights

  • Employee's rights relating to harassment, discrimination, and retaliation
  • Employer’s role in protecting their employee’s individual rights

Contact us if you would like to host Embracing Leadership, HR 101 Training for Managers and Supervisors, or Respect in the Workplace at your company facilities.

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