In these rapidly changing times, maintaining a productive workforce requires persistent communication, effective employee guidance, and focused action across the entire organization.

Direct Staff Members Toward Corporate Goals, Track Their Performance

Performance Management (PM) provides busy executives with a powerful web-based application that clarifies and communicates business objectives and then aligns employee activity to those goals.

PM improves the review process and provides the foundation for effective pay-for-performance incentives to retain your top performers.

PM requires no software installation, and TriNet’s Client Services Representative provides expertise and guidance.


Make more informed decisions about company performance.

  • Executive Dashboards: Set business objectives for the year and track company, team, and individual contributions toward those goals.
  • Talent Search: Search your talent pool for specific skills or metrics.

Better understand your workforce capabilities.

  • Employee Profiles: View profiles with photos, work experience, education, language skills, and more.
  • Visual Organization Chart: View employees' team relationships, organization hierarchy, and workforce profiles easily.

Review individual performance and alignment with values.

  • Goal-Based: Conduct performance reviews based on goals.
  • Paperless: Never start with an empty form that managers dread and employees distrust.
  • Accurate and Legal: Data is imported from the HR system, preventing errors. All performance reviews are stored permanently. Language in the review is automatically checked for potentially risky comments, and new language suggested when necessary.

Implement pay for performance.

Ensure that compensation decisions align with measured performance and that decisions are based on specific factors across your organization.

The TriNet Difference

What makes PM different from other performance management solutions?

  • Our PM Reference Model is built for small business.
    TriNet has preconfigured processes, forms, and reports designed specifically for small businesses, based on our work with thousands of small companies.
  • PM will be configured for your business.
    TriNet assists you at the start to define forms, views, reports, processes, and metrics that reflect your unique organization and objectives.
  • All data is always up to date and accurate.
    Database, organization charts, and directory updates are synchronized daily and automatically.
  • Professional services teams are staffed with trained, experienced consultants.
    Your experienced service team of certified consultants can get PM up and running in less than three weeks.

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