TriNet's Team Accelerator delivers a highly-focused consulting engagement to identify how your employees most naturally think, feel and behave, and direct those talents toward developing strong teams. TriNet uses state-of-the-art psychometric assessments to discover individual talents and strengths as they relate to team performance. TriNet's experienced Client Services Representative work one-on-one with individuals and with the team to synthesize strengths, build organizational efficiencies, and create a high-performing team equipped to meet any organizational objectives.


Complete Assessment

Your employees can access and complete the surveys anytime, anywhere, via a web-based platform. Your Client Services Representative will enrich this data through one-on-one engagements with individual team members to give you a clear and concise understanding of your talent pool.

Action Plan

Providing an assessment of your team’s individual strengths is just the first step in actually building a high-performing team. You need a plan to turn this newfound understanding of talents into organizational strengths; a plan to execute that delivers immediate results and value to the organization.

The TriNet Difference

Technology and Services

TriNet delivers leading-edge technological solutions paired with unmatched services to take quantitative assessment results and translate them into real-world action and efficiencies.


Your Client Services Representative has the knowledge of your business and the experience necessary to help shape your individuals into a high-performing and focused team. Our client knowledge, 20+ year history, and industry proficiency is unmatched.

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