Tanaz Mody, Head of People Operations


Juggling time-consuming, manual HR tasks while growing their team from 10 to 70 employees over the span of a year.


With TriNet, Aaptiv doesn’t have to worry about HR details; all HR solutions from payroll to compliance to robust benefits administration are handled by experienced experts.

One of the most important aspects of the TriNet partnership is the peace of mind that I get every day, knowing that the things on the administrative side, from a benefits and from a payroll perspective, are being handled.

Aaptiv provides unlimited, on-demand access to over 2,500 audio-guided workouts and structured programs across every type of exercise and a wide variety of activities. Based in New York City, Aaptiv is the fastest-growing mobile fitness product on the market and has grown its team from 10 to 70 employees over the span of a year. TriNet’s services and technology has freed up the Aaptiv team from juggling time-consuming, manual HR tasks such as payroll, compliance, and benefits administration. Ethan Agarwal, Founder and CEO, and Tanaz Mody, Head of People Operations, explain how TriNet helps them attract and retain the best talent, giving them peace of mind knowing that benefits and payroll are being handled professionally.

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