American Mensa

David Peery, Director of Finance


To continue focusing on their mission, American Mensa needed to attract and retain talent by providing rich benefits as a counterbalance to a tight budget for salaries.


With TriNet, the ability to have all HR solutions in one place contains costs, time and resources so Mensa can offer comprehensive benefits.

It's the whole package that TriNet brings. That’s who we want to partner with; that's who Mensa wants their name to be associated with.

American Mensa is a nationwide social network of highly intelligent people based in Arlington, Texas. As a midsize nonprofit, American Mensa leverages TriNet's top-tier benefit packages to attract and retain talent in an organization that cannot always provide the most competitive salaries. David Peery, Director of Finance, and Pam Donahoo, former Executive Director, explain that with TriNet's benefits and HR consulting services, the company can focus on their founding mission instead of coordinating services from multiple vendors.