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Life Sciences
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Simple dosing solutions designed to save kids

Treating children whose lives are on the line in stressful emergency situations is not for the faint of heart. Dr. Caleb Hernandez made it his mission to simplify one of medicine’s most challenging problems—how to reduce errors in pediatric medicine dosage to virtually 0%.

He was inspired to start Certa Dose after a child suffering from cardiac arrest almost died in the ER from a potential overdose of lifesaving medication. “This mistake is something that's fairly easy to do because there's a lot of math involved in calculating the dose for the child,” said Dr. Hernandez. “That got me thinking that there had to be a better way to give medicine to children.”

The Certa Dose color-coded syringe provides a simple method for measuring and confirming an accurate medicine dose for infants and children. Not only does this system help eliminate dosage errors, it allows doctors and nurses to be on the same page for dosing. “This is something that would help providers at the point of care—in the ER, an ambulance or in an ICU—know exactly how much medicine to give to a child without wasting valuable time or making life-threatening mistakes,” said Dr. Hernandez.

Looking for the HR "gold standard"

The highly motivated team at Certa Dose takes pride in meeting the challenge of protecting children from harm due to accidental overdose. Attracting and retaining talented, qualified personnel means giving them access to competitive benefits and comprehensive HR support so they can stay focused on their lifesaving mission. Initially, HR functions were handled internally until Dr. Hernandez decided that his growing team should have access to what he calls the “gold standard”—TriNet.

Dr. Hernandez and Daniel Hoffman, Chief Design Officer, rely on TriNet in many ways. Despite their small size, Certa Dose offers a range of premium-level benefits to meet the needs of their employees and stay competitive with larger life sciences companies.

Making sure payroll is done right

With a nimble team in multiple states, HR compliance can be complex. The TriNet platform allows Certa Dose leadership to spend less time navigating each state’s payroll tax requirements and varying employment laws. “HR expertise can change from one state to another, so TriNet's support in that capacity has been really valuable to us,” said Dr. Hernandez. “You just want to make sure that you don't mess up in that regard. TriNet's been there to make sure that we do everything right.”

When they log into the TriNet platform, Dr. Hernandez and Daniel can quickly gain the insight they need to make decisions from hiring to payroll to benefits administration. “The platform is very intuitive, easy to understand and gets the information to us as we need it. It’s very user-friendly,” said Daniel.

Streamlined onboarding and offboarding

Like many life sciences companies, staffing requirements at Certa Dose are dynamic. A critical HR function that TriNet provides is a streamlined process of onboarding and offboarding through technology and consulting expertise. “Having somebody who can be there to help you adjust to the different needs and make sure that if it's time to grow, you can grow. If it's time to offboard an employee, to [have someone] give you the counsel and advice so you can make the right decision—I think that's been very helpful,” said Dr. Hernandez.

TriNet’s team of specialists helps Certa Dose leadership with HR guidance and managing unfamiliar employee situations so they can continue to stay motivated on providing a new standard of pediatric care. “[Our customer experience contact] has been a great partner with us; she’s been very responsive. If she isn’t available, we get routed to somebody who can answer questions over regulation or compliance issues. They get back to us very promptly,” said Daniel.

The Certa Dose team isn’t stopping at developing innovations for health care professionals. They also recognize the need to make this technology available to consumers. TriNet is proud to provide a full-service HR solution that allows Certa Dose to develop innovative ideas for preventing tragic medical errors.

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