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David Wood, CEO & Owner

DWA Media


A partner to take away the back office pain that they don't have time to deal with.


TriNet provides a simple yet robust solution to daily HR management.

I want to focus on my business, and TriNet helps me support my growth, my business plans, and my HR requirements in ways I could've never done on my own. 

DWA is a global agency working exclusively in the technology sector. I'm a media expert. I'm not an HR expert. My company's job is to help companies maximize their media investments. For me to be able to do that, I need a partner that can take away a lot of the back office pain that, quite frankly, I didn't have the time to deal with.

Previously, from an HR perspective, we'd been working with another supplier. It was antiquated. It was slow. It was difficult to manage.

We've got offices in both San Francisco and Boston, and the complexities of state legislation and state law required us to work with a company that was capable of delivering solutions against both of those markets in a really seamless and simple fashion. TriNet brings a tremendously simple, yet robust, solution to our daily HR requirements.

I want to focus on my business. TriNet can help me support my growth, my business plans, and my HR requirements in ways that I could've never done on our own. One of the real benefits that TriNet brings DWA is the ability for all of our staff to log on in real-time and access their own personal data. Anything from their previous payroll stubs to their insurance details, it's right there at the click of a button. It's all down to the people. We are a service industry. Without our tremendous staff that we've got globally, our business really wouldn't exist.