Waba Grill

Dennis Ray Farrow, COO


Handling complexities of managing a large workforce while experiencing growing pains.


Due in large part to a seamless onboarding process for TriNet Main Street, WaBa Grill is able to offer competitive benefits and get best-practices HR guidance resulting in enhanced productivity through TriNet’s HR administration and payroll support.

What sold us on TriNet was the quality of the folks we met with through the onboarding and sales process. They had our best interest at heart.

WaBa Grill is a fast-casual restaurant chain that serves high quality, grilled menu items with an Asian fusion of different flavors. When WaBa Grill was at a crossroads in selecting an HR solution to replace their multi-vendor system, they quickly saw the value of TriNet Main Street for HR functions and expertise. 

Dennis Ray Farrow, COO, explains how TriNet Main Street allows him to have a large HR infrastructure that he couldn’t afford to manage internally and Renny Freet, Vice President, discusses the ease of the implementation process due to an experienced, robust TriNet team.