Strategic Human Resources Services

The issues facing a company of 20 employees are very different from a business that grows to 100 employees. Our strategic human resources services help companies at each point in their life cycle and are available as needed.

Career Transitions

Our workshops help employees in transition get ready for the next stage in their professional lives. This includes guidance on evaluating new employment opportunities and, focusing energy on the future. This workshop also helps protect your company’s professional reputation.

  • Assists with resume building, interview skills and financial planning.
  • Demonstrates commitment to departing employees with professional off-boarding.
  • Provides affordable, interactive coaching in small group settings.

Compensation Consulting

Define your company's overall compensation strategy, one that meets your business objectives and can be shared in company-wide discussions. We also provide targeted compensation benchmarks to help you bring current employee compensation in line with your business strategy.

  • Motivates employees to perform at a higher level.
  • Provides a roadmap to implement your long-term compensation strategy company wide.
  • Delivers detailed benchmarks, across roles and job descriptions, industry, geography, and other relevant criteria for your specific needs.
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Corporate Ethics Program

Without the foundation for an ethical culture, companies can find themselves veering into dangerous territory. This program gives you the tools to cultivate an ethical working environment, including policy design and development, online and toll-free telephone incident reporting, employee training materials, and optional on-site workshops.

  • Enables employees to easily report any instances of misconduct or unethical behavior, with confidentiality.
  • Includes ethics policy design, communications and resource materials.
  • Helps you view trends in employee reports regarding ethics concerns or questions.

Employee Engagement Survey

Gain insight into your company’s culture through our customizable Employee Engagement Survey. Gather anonymous feedback, while letting your people know you value their opinions. Engaged employees are typically happier and more likely to stay with you.

  • Helps uncover hidden issues, ranging from benefits and compensation to recognition and career progression.
  • Uses dynamic technology to serve up next questions based on the previous answer.
  • Provides your executive team with survey responses, analytics, and best practices with recommendations for improved employee engagement.
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International Services

Businesses that want to keep pace in the global market need to hire the best employees available, regardless of citizenship. TriNet International Services simplifies the process of hiring and retaining international employees, empowering companies to assemble the most skilled teams possible.

  • View tasks, status and dates through a cloud-based system, resulting in less email, less confusion and an easier process for all involved.
  • Manage workflows, documents and status on every employee’s visa, making it easier to plan future projects and predict costs.
  • Track upcoming deadlines and increase visibility to all stakeholders on milestones and costs.

Leadership Training

Leadership training and development programs increase participants’ leadership aptitudes, provide knowledge about HR issues, and empower your employees to become initiators of positive business achievement. Workshops allow for in-depth interaction between the moderator and participants.

  • Embracing Leadership―one-day workshop aligns employees with company objectives and builds a culture of leadership that keeps participants motivated.
  • HR 101—two-hour training covers HR compliance best practices, performance coaching, employee evaluation guidelines, termination procedures and more.
  • Respect in the Workplace―in separate supervisor and employee sessions, modules explore the impact that discrimination and harassment can have on the business environment.
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Talent Acquisition

Hiring exceptional talent is crucial for your business success. Our talent acquisition solutions can quickly find top talent for your business. With different tiers of service to choose from, you can gain exactly the level of support you need.

  • Benefit from the expertise of dedicated search professionals who know your business and culture.
  • Use leading-edge tools to optimize all aspects of the recruiting process.
  • Get basic or advanced assistance in landing a great hire that can help you succeed.

Team Accelerator

Develop strong teams by assessing your employees’ talents and strengths as they relate to team performance. The Team Accelerator delivers a highly-focused consulting engagement tool to identify how your employees most naturally think, feel and behave, and directs those talents toward developing strong teams.

  • Use state-of-the-art psychometric assessments to discover individual talents and strengths as they relate to team performance.
  • Work one-on-one with a TriNet expert to synthesize strengths and build organizational efficiencies.
  • Implement a plan that turns actionable insights into a high-performing team equipped to meet company objectives.