Rishika Agarwalla
Jan 21, 2016

4 Reasons Why Mobile HR is Key to Attracting Millennial Employees

While implementing mobile usage in your human resources is a trend that has been getting a lot of press lately, it’s more than just hype. Here are four ways an HR mobile solution can help your organization attract and retain millennial employees:

1) New people, new habits

Millennials are an increasing part of the workforce, set to make up 50 percent of the workplace by 2020. Not only are they hyper-connected, as compared to previous generations, they are also very attached to their personal mobile devices. Giving them ready access to your HR services from any device they choose improves engagement and allows them to stay connected on their own terms.

2) One solution for different needs

The modern workplace is increasingly made up of a mix of fixed, part-time and contract workers who have distinct requirements, issues and solutions. Millennials crave accessibility from their employer and a mobile platform is an effective tool for creating a stable form of communication, engagement and resources - and provides it to employees in a manner that ensures greater access and adaptability.

3) Uniform corporate culture

The millennial influence can be found strongly in today’s increasingly flexible work patterns. Millennials want freedom to choose when, where and how they work but they also want to work for a company with a strong brand and cohesive culture.Companies that are on the rise or are undergoing market expansion face challenges as they struggle to create a uniform company culture that transcends remote locations and a dispersed workforce. Even with a conventional office environment, dynamic changes in work hour flexibility, telecommuting and remote work options have created workforces that are less cohesive. Using a mobile HR platform to give your employees consistent interaction with the rest of the company allows you to strengthen your internal brand and keep employee engagement high.

4) Creating lean processes

Using mobile HR allows companies to push vital information to their employees in a manner that is efficient and effective. Millennials are picky when it comes to technology so your mobile HR interface should be easy to navigate and create a good user experience, including allowing employees to access, review, approve and/or edit critical aspects of their payroll, benefits, time off and other HR functions with a few taps on their devices.This ease translates to less loss of time by cutting communication lag times and increasing access so that even employees on the go will be able to complete basic HR tasks.

Using a mobile app to effectively deliver HR to your employees is not just a fad but marks a systemic change that will make HR processes more effective, efficient and engaging, as well as create a workplace that is more connected than ever before.

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