Nov 21, 2017

4 Reasons We Love Small Businesses (and You Should too)!

This Saturday is Small Business Saturday and the TriNet blog is celebrating by honoring those we serve—small business owners and entrepreneurs.

TriNet works with thousands of small and midsize business (SMB) clients around the nation. Because of this, we have a front-row seat to the amazing impact SMBs have and how their work touches our lives in numerous ways. Allow us to give you four reasons why we stand in awe of our clients and other small businesses and why we celebrate them—not just this Saturday but every day.

"Part of the power of small business owners is that they inspire other small business owners to follow their dreams."

1) Small businesses are changing the world
TriNet clients represent a broad range of industries. What they have in common is that they are constantly doing the work of improving our lives. As you read this, our life sciences clients are researching cures for cancer, AIDS and rare diseases, revolutionizing prostheses and making it possible for those born with congenital defects to have longer, healthier lives. Our nonprofit clients are working to bring vital services to the less fortunate and fighting to help make this world a better place.  Our technology clients are reinventing the way we work and play, and our hospitality clients are doing wonderful things to enrich our lives. Watching all these amazing businesses in action, one thing is clear to us: small businesses are where innovation begins.

2) Small businesses improve the community
According to the U.S. Small Business Administration, there are over 28 million small businesses in the U.S., employing 48% of the U.S. workforce and exporting over 33% of the nation’s total known export value.[1]

This means that small businesses are a force to be reckoned with. They have an enormous impact on our economy. Small businesses create jobs and fuel the growth of local communities. Retail studies have shown that spending at independent retailers generates 3.7 times more direct local economic benefit than spending at chains. 

3) Small businesses are the next big businesses
What do Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, Disney, Facebook, Google, Mattel, Harley Davidson, Walmart and dozens of other household brands have in common? For one, you probably interact with their products and services nearly every day. However, they all also came from very humble beginnings—think garages, dorm rooms, parents’ basements and tiny little store fronts. But they worked hard, earned our trust in their respective brands and grew to be the powerhouses so many of us couldn’t imagine our lives without.

Without small businesses, technology, communication, work, entertainment, shopping and even childhood would all be radically different than they are today.

4) Small business owners are an inspiration
For every geeky college kid with a crazy invention, every overworked single parent who couldn’t imagine their dream coming true and every person who hates their day job but thinks their business idea is silly, there are numerous crazy inventions, far-fetched dreams and silly ideas that have been parlayed into wildly successful businesses.

The small business owners who are out there making it happen, every day, are contributing to the nation’s thriving small business culture. When the small business landscape is strong, it encourages more and more innovators, inventors, artists, scientists, leaders and risk-takers to take the leap and start their own businesses.

Part of the power of small business owners is that they inspire other small business owners to follow their dreams. And when these dreamers are ready, TriNet will be there to help them succeed.

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[1] Based on 2013 Business Dynamics Statistics and 2012 International Trade Administration data

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