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April, 12 2017 Legal News & Compliance
Workers' Compensation and Your Business: What You Need to Know

Workers’ compensation is a type of insurance, purchased by an employer, to cover a portion of lost wages and related medical expenses arising from work-related accidents. This insurance also provides some security for employers by providing benefits regardless of who is at fault.

April, 07 2017 Employee Benefits
What do You Mean I Can’t Change my Benefits? A Quick Guide to Open Enrollment and Changing Your Benefits Elections

Many employees believe that they should be able to change the group health benefits offered by their company at any time. Unfortunately, though, strict rules and regulations govern employer benefits plan elections. Here are some important aspects of employee benefits that you can use to arm yourself when making – or changing – your benefits options.

7 Money Habits of Successful Entrepreneurs

While each small business comes with its own specific set of strengths and weaknesses, there are a number of tried-and-true strategies that successful business leaders can adopt across a broad range of industries and business models. If you'd like to learn how to extend the value of your economic resources, start by following these proven money habits of successful entrepreneurs.

March, 30 2017 Management Practices
Want to Take a Summer Vacation? Here Are Some Expert Tools to Help You Manage Your Business From Afar

If you’re an entrepreneur with a growing business, the thought of taking time away from the office may sound like a total impossibility. Fortunately, with a little planning and preparation, you can take vacations while continuing to manage your employees. You just need to take a few steps ahead of time.

March, 28 2017 Leadership
Think You’re Dealing with Employee Disengagment? Here Are 5 Tools You Can Use to Evaluate Employee Engagement

With today’s multi-generational and mobile workforce, business leaders face challenges in building an engaged team culture that will drive their company success. With an eye on future success, businesses should look for ways to monitor and measure employee engagement levels.

March, 24 2017 Management Practices
3 Common Hiring Challenges and What You Can Do About Them

Hiring the right people is a critical part of successfully growing your company. Each new hire can have an impact on your company’s turnover rate as well as bottom-line costs. Also, new hires at smaller companies can often have a greater influence on company culture compared to larger organizations. Here are three common hiring challenges and ways to overcome them.

How to Fail in Business Without Really Trying

Only about 50 percent of businesses survive the first five years and only about one-third keep the lights on for 10 or more years. Find out if you are inadvertently getting in the way of your success by making these six common business mistakes.

March, 16 2017 Legal News & Compliance
Addressing Claims of Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

Addressing a claim of sexual harassment is a difficult and sensitive situation. Here is more information on how to identify and prevent sexual harrassment, as well as what to do if you suspect sexual harrassment has occurred.

March, 14 2017 Talent Acquisition
5 Tips to Improve Onboarding and Retain Employees

Employers are constantly competing to retain highly qualified employees. One factor that can give you an edge in employee engagement and retention is a robust onboarding process. Sixty nine percent of employees are more likely to stay with the company for at least three years after a great onboarding experience.

March, 09 2017 Affordable Care Act
Republicans Propose Plan to Repeal and Replace the Affordable Care Act: Find out What’s In and What’s Out?

On March 6, 2017, Republicans put forward their plan to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act (ACA), also known as Obamacare. Although this proposed bill will no doubt have some changes as it makes its way through committees and both houses of Congress, here is a summary of what is in the first public draft of the bill.