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March, 07 2017 Legal News & Compliance
The Unemployment Road Map, Part 5: Timely, Sufficient and Adequate Responses

Separation issues represent the largest cause of overpayments that employers can control. Inaction on the part of employers, including either the failure to respond to state requests for information or responding with inadequate information, can contribute significantly to benefit overpayments.

March, 02 2017 Legal News & Compliance
EEOC's Strategic Focus on "Gig Economy" Raises Questions for Employers

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) has released their Strategic Enforcement Plan (SEP) for fiscal years 2017-2021, and it raises some interesting questions for employers. One of the changes that the EEOC has made to the most recent SEP is a focus on complex employment issues related to the “on-demand economy,” also known as the “gig economy.”

February, 28 2017 Employee Benefits
Considerations for Choosing the Right PTO Policy for Your Business

While large companies seem to have an advantage in terms of flexibility and resources when it comes to offering their employees paid time off (PTO), small and mid-size companies also have an opportunity to create a PTO policy that helps them stand out as the employer-of-choice.

February, 23 2017 Employee Benefits
The Benefits of Offering Telemedicine to Your Employees

Advancements in technology -- including video chat apps -- have made the delivery of remote healthcare or “telemedicine” more convenient than ever. Now you can receive care without being in the same room as your healthcare professional. This is why telemedicine options have become one of the most recent innovations to help contain the cost of providing healthcare services.

February, 21 2017 Legal News & Compliance
The Unemployment Road Map, Part 4: Know Your Terms - Involuntary Terminations

Unlike voluntary terminations, there are different types of involuntary terminations.They include layoffs and terminations for misconduct or terminations for performance issues. Involuntary termination can be quite complex, but proper documentation of employment issues is invaluable to effectively protesting claims and keeping unemployment insurance rates low.

February, 16 2017 Legal News & Compliance
3 Steps Employers Can Take to Address Changing Marijuana Laws

Legalization of marijuana has been one of the fastest moving trends in the country. Moving through the haze of state and federal laws on the legal status of marijuana can be difficult. However, if employers take a step back, they will see that it should mostly be “business as usual” at their workplace. To effectively deal with this issue, employers should consider these three steps.

February, 14 2017 Workplace Culture
3 Ways to Effectively Mentor Millennial Employees

Pew Research reported in 2015 that millennials have surpassed Gen X as the largest generation in the U.S. labor force. As they become a major part of your work force, you should embrace their perspective, channel it for the benefit of your business, and provide them with positive mentoring.

February, 09 2017 Talent Acquisition
New Position: Promote From Within or Hire Externally?

You have an open position and you want to make sure you bring in the right person for the job. There is no room for error since the wrong hire can have a negative ripple effect through the ranks and your bottom line, while a superstar can launch your team, your division or even the entire company to the next level. Here are a few considerations when deciding whether to hire from within or hire externally.

February, 07 2017 Workplace Culture
4 Ways You Can Get Employees Ready and Eager to Tackle 2017

Have you looked around your workforce recently and seen the winter blues set in? This could be because the excitement of the holiday season, the parties and celebrations, are now just a distant memory while the work goes on. If you look around your office and see lots of blank faces staring into their computers, consider these ideas to reenergize your workforce.

February, 01 2017 Legal News & Compliance
How Does President Trump's Executive Order "Protecting the Nation from Foreign Terrorist Entry Into the United States" Impact Your Employees?

As you probably already know, President Trump issued an executive order on Friday Jan. 27, 2017 titled, “Protecting the Nation from Foreign Terrorist Entry into the United States.” This order can potentially have far reaching impact on your employees if they are citizens of the seven countries identified in it. As your trusted business partner, TriNet stands ready to assist you and your employees interpret and understand the consequences of this order.