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September, 11 2016 Small Business News & Advice
How Businesses Can Survive and Thrive as the Regulatory Environment Becomes more Complex

America’s small businesses are bearing over 36 percent more of the financial burden of regulatory compliance than their large counterparts. The regulatory environment that modern businesses face stymies both small business success and the economy.

September, 08 2016 Affordable Care Act
The 2016 Presidential Election and the Affordable Care Act: Where do the Candidates Stand?

It’s election season in America and, although it may seem like campaigning has been going on for a very long time, November 8 is rapidly approaching. Since the Affordable Care Act affects all employers, TriNet is taking a look at the two major party candidates to get their take on ACA.

September, 06 2016 Wages & Pay
It’s National Payroll Week! If You Manage Payroll for Your Company, This Post is for You!

This year, National Payroll Week is September 5-9 in the U.S. and September 12-16 in Canada. Because payroll is a service very near and dear to TriNet, we like to celebrate all things payroll on the TriNet blog every year at this time.

September, 01 2016 Workplace Culture
5 Radical Ideas to Create an Awesome Place to Work

No matter what the industry, talent is every company’s most valuable asset - and everyone’s competing for it. In the escalating war for talent, creating an awesome workplace isn’t a luxury… it’s an absolute necessity.

August, 30 2016 HR Technology
5 Common Causes of Employee Disengagement and What to do About Them

Many employees today feel disengaged because companies aren’t adapting to the way people actually communicate and learn.

August, 26 2016 Workplace Culture
The Millennial Effect: How the Largest Group in the Workforce is Revolutionizing Office Culture

Companies that aren’t taking into account millennial wants and needs when building their businesses are going to find themselves struggling against their competitors to attract and retain top talent. In this Q&A with TriNet’s resident expert on millennial recruiting Anthony Ysasaga, we learn a bit about what companies can do to create an office culture that supports millennial and business success.

August, 23 2016 Workplace Culture
Millennials Are Everywhere, Yet Nobody Seems to Understand Them. Here is Some Help from a Millennial Herself!

Despite the never-ending list of articles and advice out there on the topic, the truth remains clear: business leaders need help learning the skills to hire and manage millennials effectively. That’s why PivotDesk and TriNet are teaming up for a live webinar to give you a glimpse into the millennial workforce.

August, 19 2016 Affordable Care Act
Do You Owe an ACA Penalty? Here's How to Tell

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services has already started sending subsidy notices to employers’ mailboxes. Now is a good time to ask yourself some simple questions to determine whether your company owes a penalty.

August, 17 2016 Diversity in the Workplace
Transgender in the Workplace: What Employers Need to Know

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission views discrimination against a transgender individual because of that person's gender identity to be discrimination based on sex. While this is a weighty topic, there are a few simple things employers can do to mitigate risk and help ensure legal compliance.

August, 09 2016 HR & Social Media
5 Tips for Recruiting Talent on Social Media (and 7 Tips for Minimizing Risk)

Employers use social media sites to search for candidates and create interest in openings by posting both job information and details about their organizations. If you are using social media to attract talent, here are a few tips for doing it right.