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March, 08 2018 HR Best Practices
In Honor of International Women’s Day, Let’s Look at 3 Ways You Can Support Your Female Employees All Year!

Today is International Women’s Day! While all employees should be treated equally and with respect every day of the year, today we want to discuss compensation, cultural and professional development practices that affect women in the workforce.

What to Do About an Employee With a Substance Abuse Problem

Seventy percent of Americans who use illegal drugs are employed, and drug abuse costs their employers an estimated $81 billion a year, according to a report by the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence. Here are some suggestions for successfully dealing with an employee who has a substance abuse problem:

February, 21 2018 Talent Acquisition
Hiring Your First Employee? Here’s How to Set Up Your Employee Screening Program

Are you about to hire your first employee? Use these steps to devise a smart, compliant and effective employment screening program.

February, 14 2018 Management Practices
How to Create a Culture of Transparency in a Virtual Work Environment (and Why You Should)

The number of employees who telecommute is growing rapidly. Startups and small businesses can benefit by hiring a remote workforce. While it’s important to take care to incorporate remote employees into your organization’s culture, it is also important to consider the type of culture you have and whether it’s conducive to having a remote workforce.

February, 07 2018 Legal News & Compliance
Equal Pay and the Law: What Business Owners Need to Know

One of the biggest HR trends that is sure to continue in 2018 is equal pay. Equal pay—particularly related to gender—has been a stubborn issue for many industries. Many states and municipalities are taking it upon themselves to enact laws aimed at further addressing pay equity. We recommend employers make implementing equitable compensation practices a priority in 2018.

Looking to Get in Shape This New Year? Here Are 10 Ways You Can Do So Without Quitting Your Day Job

A key aspect of being successful in sticking to a workout regimen is to find a system that works for your hectic life. For those days when you’re just too swamped to even pull yourself away from your desk, a “deskercise” routine can really save your resolution to get into shape.

January, 24 2018 Legal News & Compliance
Do You Hire Foreign Nationals or Plan to? Then Here is What You Need to Know About H-1B Visas and the Challenges Ahead

H-1B visas are the primary way U.S. employers recruit and hire foreign national professionals and students. With the new regulations and proposed modifications, the H-1B process has become increasingly difficult.

How Biotech Companies Can Tackle the Tough HR Considerations in 2018

In this post, we focus on some trends that will particularly affect the biotech industry in 2018 and give tips for biotech companies to overcome these issues in the new year.

January, 10 2018 Leadership
Driving Business Success: Never Underestimate the Importance of Culture

If companies with strong business models and clear growth opportunities fail while others soar, what’s missing? When explaining the difference between companies that fail and those that succeed, expert thought often misses one vital component to business success that I see regularly—the organization’s culture. The importance of culture is too often overlooked in a world that increasingly relies on spreadsheets, big data and advanced market intelligence when predicting the next big thing.

December, 27 2017 Leadership
What the U.S. Military Can Teach About Perseverance

I would like to share one very important characteristic that all future leaders must cultivate early-on if they truly want to be great. That characteristic is perseverance. It is one of the hardest traits to master and one of the most rewarding. To really get to the heart of the relationship between perseverance and leadership, I called on an old friend named Lanny. If you are a new manager, seasoned leader or somewhere in between and you would like advice on how to lead more effectively, motivate your team, improve efficacy or overcome any of the roadblocks that nearly all leaders face, Lanny can provide a lesson that is rooted in military strength.