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3 Best Business Practices for Life Sciences SMBs from a Leading Biotech Entrepreneur

Business leaders in the life sciences industry know all too well they face unique challenges. In this highly innovative and rapidly evolving field they must move quickly to remain relevant. Dr. Craig Shimasaki, president & CEO of Moleculera Labs and a successful founder of three biotech companies, shares the three key drivers for those in the life sciences industry:

July, 20 2017 Employee Benefits
5 Myths Around 401(k) Plans, Debunked

While the benefits of offering a 401(k) are obvious, the substantial amount of misconceptions could steer employers away from offering a 401(k) plan to themselves and their employees, as well as stall their ability to save for retirement. Read on as we debunk five myths making the rounds.

July, 18 2017 Workplace Culture
7 Things to Consider When Building a Mentor Program in the Modern Workplace

Mentorship is no longer just a nice thing to offer your employees—it is crucial to attracting top talent and convincing them to stick around. Employees want development opportunities now more than ever and your mentorship program must compete with other organizations that take this to heart.

8 Steps to Performing a Mid-Year Goal Check

Now that the glow of the new year is long gone, it is time to assess if your company’s 2017 goals were feasible or if you were caught up in the promise of sweeping change that January 1 often brings.

6 Ways to Prevent Workplace Stress from Wreaking Havoc on Your Organization

Workplace stress and burn out leads to increased absenteeism, low employee morale, decrease in productivity, workplace safety issues and, ultimately, potential loss of key employees.The hazards of workplace stress can wreak havoc on the health of an organization. But they don’t have to. The following are some best practices organizations can incorporate to manage and reduce workplace stress.

4 Budget-Friendly Corporate Wellness Tips

Many small businesses want to support their employees’ health but few have room in the budget to launch a big corporate-style wellness program. Here are four of my favorite low-cost, high-reward strategies for supporting healthy, active lifestyles for your employees:

June, 29 2017 Legal News & Compliance
The Unemployment Road Map, Part 6: Determinations and Appeals

In our last installment of The Unemployment Road Map, we discussed the importance of timely, sufficient and adequate responses to state requests for claim information. Once you, as the employer, have submitted the claim response and all the relevant documentation, it can take up to 30 days for your state to determine the claimant’s eligibility for benefits.. If either party is dissatisfied with the decision, they have the right to appeal. If either party chooses to file an appeal, the state must be notified. Upon receipt of the appeal request, the state will schedule an unemployment benefits claim hearing.

June, 27 2017 Workplace Culture
First Impressions Count: 4 Tips for Creating a Positive Onboarding Experience

Onboarding is the process of introducing the new hire to your company, the team, the role and the corporate culture. A positive onboarding experience sets the colleague up for success on day one. A positive onboarding experience delivers very tangible results.

June, 23 2017 HR Best Practices
Dogs in the Workplace: The Employee Benefit That Gets Tails Wagging

Today is Take Your Dog to Work Day. Here are some tips for how you can incorporate the love of dogs into your workplace for one day or every day!

June, 20 2017 HR Technology
5 Common HR Management Problems and How to Use Technology to Solve Them

As your business grows and you take on more employees, you are going to have to deal with increasingly cumbersome administrative tasks. Here are five major administrative problems small and midsize business (SMB) owners struggle with and some of the ways that technology can help resolve them.