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June, 20 2017 HR Technology
5 Common HR Management Problems and How to Use Technology to Solve Them

As your business grows and you take on more employees, you are going to have to deal with increasingly cumbersome administrative tasks. Here are five major administrative problems small and midsize business (SMB) owners struggle with and some of the ways that technology can help resolve them.

June, 15 2017 Talent Acquisition
“Help! I Can’t Hire Fast Enough!” How to Hire the Right People at the Speed of Your Growing Business

When your business is growing rapidly, you can’t always afford to take your time bringing on staff. However, you also can’t afford the high costs and potential disasters that come with making bad hires. So, how can you support rapid growth without falling into the hasty hiring trap? Here are a few ways to speed up hiring without sacrificing quality.

June, 13 2017 Workplace Culture
The SMB's Guide to Creating a Great Culture Through Internal Brand-Building

Remember that a company is nothing more than a collection of people. They’re the ones making your product, creating all that valuable intellectual property and providing your customers with exceptional experiences. How your employees feel about your company influences their commitment and work product. And how they feel is largely determined by the internal brand you cultivate. So, how do you invest your resources building your internal brand?

June, 08 2017 HR Products & Services
4 Outdated and Time-Draining HR Tasks You Should Stop Doing Now

While HR can be a complicated task for any small business, companies in industries with flexible workforces – such as hospitality, retail, manufacturing and construction—are especially susceptible to the HR struggle that comes from the seemingly endless cycle of hiring and managing part-time, full-time, seasonal, salaried and non-salaried workers (and everything in between). Many of these business owners and managers spend an exorbitant amount of man hours on discretionary activities. Read on for more information on what HR tasks you should stop doing now in order to stop wasting time and reach your business goals.

June is National Employee Wellness Month! Celebrate by Making Your Small Business Healthier and Happier with These Expert Tips

In honor of National Employee Wellness Month, TriNet HR experts share some of their best tips for implementing wellness into your workplace.

June, 01 2017 Legal News & Compliance
3 Things to Do When an Employee Returns from Parental Leave

Here are three things that you, as an employer, should be thinking about doing (even if not legally required) to ensure a successful return to work when an employee is ready to return from maternity or paternity leave.

The 5 Mentors You Meet in (Business) Heaven

Having an experienced mentor who’s been through the same challenges as you can be extremely valuable. The expert information you receive from a mentor could mean the difference between success or failure. However, there are many different types of mentors you can find who will be more (or less) helpful depending on the stage your business is in and the obstacle you’re facing. These are the five types of mentors you should surround yourself with today, enlisting each of them based upon the specific knowledge you seek.

May, 25 2017 Employee Benefits
Employers, is Your State Requiring You to Provide Retirement Benefits? It May Soon. Here is What You Need to Know

With more than 45 million U.S. workers not having access to a retirement plan through their employer, several U.S. states are taking the lead to address this retirement savings crisis.

May, 23 2017 Management Practices
5 Things HR Pros Wish Managers Knew

As a business owner or manager, you wear many hats. While we don’t recommend going it alone in trying to navigate complicated HR regulations, providing benefits or managing the complexities of payroll or insurance, we do think it’s worthwhile to understand some basic HR principles. Knowing these tips can help you retain your employees, give them the opportunity to flourish and, inevitably, lead to your own business success.

An HR Practitioner's Guide to Happiness at Work

Here are a few tips for finding workplace happiness, wherever you are in your career.