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Get an HR solution built to control costs and protect your bottom line.

HR solutions for Manufacturing

HR solutions made for manufacturing

At TriNet, we understand the myriad challenges manufacturers face—such as maintaining compliance, minimizing safety risks and attracting a more tech-savvy labor force in an industry that’s known for high labor shortages. That’s why TriNet offers a holistic HR solution created specifically for manufacturing, with a technology platform that absorbs many time-consuming administrative tasks, so your managers can focus on running the business.

HR solutions made for manufacturing

Keep employees and your company protected

Manufacturing employees are more likely to get hurt on the job than workers from nearly any other industry. This significantly increases your chances of facing an injury-related lawsuit. That’s why TriNet designed a solution to help position you to better protect your employees, your business and your bottom line through best practices guidance, worksite safety assessments and training, plus comprehensive workers’ comp coverage and claims management when the need arises.

Keep employees and your company protected


The amount manufacturers pay on average per employee to comply with federal regulations, which nearly double the per-employee costs borne by firms throughout all industries1

1National Association of Manufacturers, Top 20 Facts About Manufacturing (2018).

The number of times small manufacturers with less than 50 employees spend compared to large manufacturers on compliance issues1

Keep costs under control

As manufacturing increases its reliance on automation and data applications, analytics are becoming even more important for optimizing workflow and reducing costs. TriNet’s robust technology platform offers pertinent data you can use to improve your HR processes, which not only helps predict overtime and workforce expenses, but also helps lower overall costs so you can offer more competitive pricing.

Keep costs under control

Customer Success Story

The Bombas executive team sought to maintain and build upon their company culture as well as their dedication to their mission and to their customers, while scaling the company through rapid growth.

TriNet’s expertise in HR best practices and employee support gives Bombas the support they needed to scale their business.


Spend more time on manufacturing

When you’re operating on tight timelines, any time-consuming administrative tasks such as managing worker schedules or administering payroll can impose a costly burden. But with TriNet’s full-service HR solution, you get a robust technology platform that automates many of these tasks, so you can spend less time on HR and more time on important things like monitoring production results and training employees.

Spend more time on manufacturing

Customer Success Story

mcSquares sought to reduce the amount of time required to manage HR processes like payroll and benefits administration.

Trusting their HR to the experts at TriNet allows mcSquares to scale, access attractive benefits and have confidence that employment-related compliance is met.


118 days

The time it took on average in 2018 to fill an engineer, researcher or scientist position, compared to 94 days in 20151

1Deloitte Insights, 2018 Deloitte and the Manufacturing Institute Skills Gap and Future of Work Study (2018).


Open manufacturing positions in the U.S. or 2.4 million that remain vacant due to a shortage of relevant skills in this industry1

Secure and retain top talent

With the technological revolution taking place in manufacturing, the need for a broader range of employee skills—including those with more in-demand technical backgrounds—has never been greater. Yet a workforce shortage is making the competition for talent fiercer than ever. That’s why we offer an advanced applicant tracking system to help you find and screen qualified candidates, plus access to a wide range of premium benefits that can entice them to come on board and stay for the long haul.

Secure and retain top talent

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Customer Stories

While TriNet helps with the administrative [HR] tasks, I'm able to focus on our people, who are the bread and butter of Perfect Bar.
Allie Jennings
HR Manager, Perfect Bar
Allie Jennings - Perfect Bar

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