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TriNet Inspires Entrepreneurs in the City of Angels!

May 19, 2016

This post is part of our TriNet Inspire series.

Los Angeles is a city full of ambition and creativity – and that was apparent in the 300+ entrepreneurs, small business owners and leaders who attended TriNet Inspire this week in Los Angeles.

Designed for small to midsize business (SMB) owners, leaders and HR professionals, TriNet Inspire also hosted successful events over the last year in both New York City and San Francisco. TriNet Inspire L.A. kept all the insight, innovation and inspiration from the first two events. However, our first Southern California Inspire was also fun, funny and filled with entrepreneurial spirit – just like a major L.A. networking event should be!

The theme for the event in L.A. was “transforming the workplace” and attendees learned how to do this in the following ways:

Define your own success
TriNet CEO Burton Goldfield discussed wine-making, mountain-biking, ringing the bell on Wall Street and how this all ties into defining your own success. What it comes down to is this: setting your goals, identifying your vision and staying the course. This is the formula that allows entrepreneurs to both build a successful company and change the world. And changing the world is what TriNet clients and other incredible SMBs do every day!

Hire strategically
Nancy Soni, CEO & founder of recruiting firm FILD is a leader in how to hire for success. She previously shared her thoughtful and unique recruiting tips on the TriNet blog in Developing a Successful Hiring Process: 5 Tips for Creating a Stellar Candidate Experience.

Nancy discussed, in her fireside chat on “Conquering the Talent Challenge,” about how to stand out from the competition by creating a positive interview experience for your candidates. Tips included:

  • Not wasting the candidate’s time. Don’t make them take too many days off from their day job to come in to interview and definitely don’t ask them to have the same exact interview with several people.
  • Contact the candidate at every step of the process to collect their feedback and let them know if you are still interested. This shows you appreciate their time and effort but also helps you learn how you might be able to improve your recruiting process.
  • Make your decision as quickly as possible. The sooner you take a hot candidate off the market, the less opportunity the competition has to recruit them out from under you.

Make millennials matter
No matter what your thoughts are on millennials, they are here to stay (tweet this). According to an interactive and entertaining presentation by Jabez LeBret, a good manager doesn’t just accept millennials but embraces the creativity, fresh insight and confidence these young professionals bring to work.

According to LeBret, millennials are not motivated by money. The generation brought up on participation trophies actually thrives on positive reinforcement, continuous performance feedback and a sense that their contribution is valued. A good manager will adapt to millennials’ needs. This one little shift in perspective, promises LeBret, will result in a creative and driven employee with the capability to produce unimaginable results.

Strategize for diversity
It wouldn’t be a TriNet Inspire event without a panel on diversity. This time the discussion focused on diversity as a strategic initiative and featured – what else! – a diverse panel of professionals from a variety of ethnicities, nationalities, ages, gender and, of course, professional experiences.

The discussion revolved around designing an office culture that adapts to the wants, needs and requirements of all the people you employ or work with – be they millennials who love work-sponsored happy hours, parents who may need to get home to their kids by 5 p.m., creative teams that work better after 10 a.m. or women breaking barriers in a non-traditional field such as technology or engineering. This is in contrast to the traditional role of company culture that required employees to adapt to the culture already in existence.

For further reading on creating a collaborative work environment, check out the Company Culture Cookbook: 33 Recipes for a Happy Team. This book was produced by Enplug, one of the companies represented on the panel.

Cultivate relationships
Relationships are everything, according to Keith Ferrazzi, who ended the conference with a passionate and touching presentation that certainly left attendees feeling inspired and ready to go out and change the world!

The point Ferrazzi made is this: There is no such thing as achieving something by yourself. If we behave as silos, we’ll get the job done but will also remain mediocre; never growing or expanding (tweet this). He then asked the question, “what are you doing to cultivate relationships for success?”

Ferrazzi also used the example of companies who work with TriNet to achieve their success – because no company can do so on their own! Learn more from Ferrazzi in his TriNet blog on 3 Simple Ways Businesses Can Make Feedback a Two-Way Street.

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By Kim Runyen

Kim Runyen is the blog manager for TriNet.

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