Over 20 On-demand Sessions Available Covering Resilience, Growth, Health Care, Diversity and the Future of SMBs

TriNet hosted a remarkable group of speakers and experts who shared their knowledge and offered advice to SMB leaders attending our three-day virtual event.

If you were unable to join us, or if you missed a few key sessions, you can view them on demand. We think you’ll find all of these discussions truly valuable.

Throughout the event audience members were surveyed on various topics, poll results can be found here.


TriNet PeopleForce Speakers

Day 1

We get right to the heart of what matters to SMBS now with discussions about the state of the economy and the likeliest impacts on SMBs.

Day 2

Listen to talks centering on diversity, inclusion and equity, and learn why diversity is a key to success. Plus, we get expert tips on how to prepare now for the next pandemic.

Day 3

Hear feel-good stories from companies that pivoted business for the pandemic and found success, straight talk on healthcare and finally, we discuss the pandemic winners and losers.

In the New Normal, Cash (Flow) is King

How should your business think about cost cutting vs. investing in a year like 2020? Kelly Tuminelli explains that cashflow is key and explains why and how to maximize cash and agility while remaining vigilant about unexpected changes.


Opening Remarks Day One

Day One On-demand

State of the Union for SMBs

Burton shares observations and insight drawing on his experience working with SMBs in a year unlike any other. He'll describe the unique challenges and opportunities that SMBs are facing and touch on how the next three days will address these topics.

Business Unusual: 2020's Economy, Trade and SMBs

Mona discusses how to successfully manage a business in this highly uncertain environment. She describes strategic issues including managing cash, business agility, decision making, and how to use speed as competitive advantage.

In the New Normal, Cash (Flow) is King

In the midst of economic uncertainty, how should your business think about cost cutting vs investing? Kelly Tuminelli explains why cashflow is key—and advises on how to maximize cash and agility, while remaining on the offense.

Talk Your Team Through Change Like a Boss

With high business disruption and unplanned remote work, there has never been a greater need for strong employee communication. Learn from communication leaders and companies that are getting it right on how to communicate with employees in these complicated times.

How Do I Figure Out The Fiscal Stimulus?

COVID-19 legislation: It's on everyone's mind, but what does it all mean? Experts from TriNet and First Republic bank break down recent legislation and offer insight based on working with SMBs. They will share a framework for leaning into legislation and preparing for what's around the corner.

Before They Burn Out: Beating Employee Stress

The suddenness of pandemic, work from home and home school is yielding burnout and mental health concerns. Discover how to recognize the issue and practical actions businesses can take to improve employee wellbeing.

The Workforce vs. The Workplace

Technology--it works for and against us. Learn how the culture of distraction came to be, and how it impacts the new remote worker. We'll discuss what working from home gives--and takes away--from our office culture.

Customer Experience 2.0, Not All Digital

We'll discuss current customer experience preferences and accelerating trends. Learn when and how to use human interaction vs. technology tools in creating the optimal customer experience.

Getting to the Other Side: How (and When) Will the Economy Recover?

Gain an expert perspective on the economic outlook for 2021. What will be the impact on the markets and your business? The answers may surprise you.


As I said, small businesses are the backbone of our economy, the glues of our communities. When people in small businesses put their hands on that arc and pull it towards justice, they will do better by their companies, they'll do better by our nation. And what we have seen over time, this country has always responded to the challenges that it has faced, whether overseas wars, domestic disturbances, great economic dislocation.
Eric Holder
82nd Attorney General of the United States
Eric Holder

Opening Remarks Day Two

Day Two On-demand

Systemic Discrimination

Hear Former Attorney General Eric Holder’s perspectives on where we stand with respect to race and discrimination in this country in a discussion with NBC Legal

Movement Not a Moment: How Diversity Makes Your Business Better

A diverse workforce can be the key to creating and growing business. Here's why it's so important and how you as an SMB leader play a pivotal role.

COVID vs. Work Culture: Can We Win?

How can SMBs maintain their workplace culture when everything has been turned on its head? Learn how remote working, changed work schedules and how social distancing

When will COVID-19 End & What Will the Next Pandemic Look Like?

Doctors Madad and McGarry explain pandemics (past, present and future) and a framework for safely returning employees to the workplace.

Inequality Doesn't Work Here

Professor Glaude discusses the history of inequality, why it's changing and how we can all be positive agents of that change.

Health Care Trends: Hang On, It Could be a Wild Ride

A discussion around the issues and trends facing our health care system, including developments as a result of COVID. Leaders from Kaiser and Accenture will discuss the

Employment Risk in Today's Workplace

An explanation of key risks and compliance areas businesses face today and how to go beyond being compliant to thinking about these issues more critically and strategically in


I just hope that we really start to take preparedness seriously, whether it's for pandemics, global warming… all of these things are part of our reality now.
Dr. Ryan McGarry
Director, Producer and Screenwriter of Pandemic and Code Black
Dr. Ryan McGarry

Opening Remarks Day Three

Day Three On-demand

Doing the Pandemic Pivot: Facts from the Frontline

When the pandemic hit, some saw opportunity. Hear how these SMB leaders successfully reimagined their business for success.

2020 Vision: How COVID-19 is Accelerating the Future of Work

What will work be like after COVID? We discuss trends that seem to be gaining ground and what that means for employees and managers. Hear about the unintended consequences of

Healing Healthcare

Gain insight into how a national "epidemic of insecurity" helped facilitate the COVID-19 pandemic. Hear a powerful prescription on how to correct the inefficiencies of

Outlook on Healthcare Costs

Over the last 20 years health care costs have gone up 250%. What are the drivers of this unrelenting trend and what's the role of providers, carriers, employers and

Post Corona: Winners & Losers

Get a candid breakdown on who will survive and who will thrive post-pandemic from the always compelling and provocative Scott Galloway.

Thank You

We’d like to thank our speakers, guests and SMB attendees for making our virtual conference a great success and meaningful experience for everyone involved. 

Join us in the next TriNet PeopleForce.

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