Over 30 on-demand sessions for SMBs about resilience, transformation and bravery.

Our four-day, live and virtual event brought together speakers and experts from the worlds of business, politics, sports, the arts and more. Each day of the event focused on a timely theme: Resilience, Transform and Be Brave.

We think you’ll find these discussions extremely valuable, so we’ve made them available on demand. Rewatch or catch any that you may have missed.

TriNet PeopleForce Speakers

Day 1
Be Resilient

Sustain business momentum and setup for success.

Day 2

Accelerate and innovate to drive growth.

Day 3
Be Brave

Use hard-won courage to push forward.

Day 4
Ending on a High Note

Taking steps toward the future.

Day One On Demand

The State of the Union for SMBs

An in-depth discussion of the current state of small and medium-size businesses and how to sustain growth going forward.

Balancing Benefits: Digital Healthcare Trends in an Ever-Changing Environment

A must-see discussion about the evolution of telemedicine, its impact on SMBs and where business leaders should focus now.

The New State of the Workforce

How are SMB leaders feeling? Hear the results of a report that’s a key barometer for the future of SMBs in this discussion.

SMB Lessons Learned: Winning Against the Odds

How does a small business not just survive but thrive during an unpredictable downturn? This discussion provides insight.

Risky Business: Navigating a New Era for SMBs

A discussion on how to handle risk management post-COVID and how SMB leaders should adjust.

Breaking Bad: A Security Conversation with a Real-World Hacker

A riveting discussion with a real-world hacker on how to bolster your SMB’s security and what hackers are looking for.

SMB Lessons Learned: Winning Against the Odds

Anyone who runs a small business has to have the realism to know that the more self-reflective you are, the higher your rate of success will be.
Jonathan LeCompte
PF 2021 Day 1

Day Two On Demand

How to Change Anyone’s Mind

Pushing someone to agree with your idea doesn’t work. Hear the strategies that will and put them into practice.

Top of the Health Care List: Telemedicine and Mental Health

How does telemedicine address mental health support? Hear what SMB leaders need to know about this evolving technology.

Navigating the Pandemic With Resiliency

Hear a discussion that explores how to stay motivated and connected in a changing and uncertain world.

Adaptability in a Connected World

Remote work has impacted everything from productivity to costs and culture. Hear why and how SMBs need to adjust.

The Power and Resilience of SMBs in an Evolving World

We need these small businesses to take care of our downtown and our Main Street, to give us our first job, support our little league. We need them to provide a unique experience.
The Honorable Maria Contreras-Sweet
PF 2021 Day 2

Day Three On Demand

SHEconomics: A Series Celebrating the Journey of Female Entrepreneurs

Get a sneak peek at the new TriNet series in an engaging talk with one of the featured trailblazers.

Riding the Wave: Preparing with Purpose

Ever wonder what it would take to surf a 100-foot wave? Get a first-hand account. Hint: focus is a literal lifesaver.

The Power and Resilience of SMBs in an Evolving World

An exploration of why your unique perspective could also be your business’s strength as diversity opens up more doors.

Customer Connection in a Contextual Environment

Customer service is evolving and time is of the essence with every interaction. Find out the keys to customer satisfaction.

Investing in People and Achieving Economic Equality

Small business is the backbone of the country, and food careers are the stepping stone for so many people. It’s an entry point to income and access you might not be able to otherwise attain.
Shaolee Sen
PF 2021 Day 4

Day Four On Demand

Investing in People and Achieving Economic Equality

Learn about a small business that actively impacts communities by taking a human-centered approach to what they do.

Closing the Capital Gap for Underrepresented SMBs

A candid conversation about the challenges faced by underrepresented SMB founders and how to grow and access capital.

Inspirational Conversations with TriNet Customers

TriNet customers share their trials and triumphs and best advice about how to keep going and growing.

Being Brave & Resilient

A conversation about the beginnings of the special video and music project created especially for TriNet PeopleForce.

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