Discover TriNet’s HR expertise. Then pass it on.

Refer your friends at other SMBs and receive up to $10,000.

What can TriNet do for you?

Handle your toughest HR needs

From recruiting and onboarding best practices to benefits and compliance issues, TriNet offers expertise on the issues that affect your people.

Access big company benefits

TriNet’s scale means your size no longer limits your benefits. Access top insurance carriers with great options for spouses and pets, plus perks for employees.

Gain peace of mind

Count on our compliance experts for industry-specialized guidance on employment-related rules and regulations to help you mitigate risk.

You know the benefits TriNet expertise and support can bring.

When you refer another business to TriNet, you’ll help them thrive with full-service HR and can earn additional rewards for yourself.


Now you can receive up to $10,000 after your referral becomes a TriNet customer—we’ve increased referral reward amounts and added additional reward tiers!

$100 Gift Card

Plus, we’re rewarding a $100 AMEX® Gift Card for every qualified referral you submit that results in a completed first meeting with a TriNet sales consultant.

You’ll be rewarded based on the company’s size.


worksite employees


50 to 99
worksite employees


100 to 199
worksite employees


worksite employees

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