Other Benefits


Commuter Benefits

Commuter benefits allow worksite employees to set aside pre-tax and post-tax dollars from their paychecks to pay for eligible commuter parking or transit expenses. It can be used to pay for qualified parking expenses up to $300 per month and up to a combined $300 per month to pay for public transit, van pooling and alternate forms of transportation (subject to change by the IRS each year). Click here for a list of eligible expenses.

Commuter benefits are available through HealthEquity (formerly known as WageWorks). Learn more at wageworks.com.

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

TriNet offers access to an EAP program through FEI for all worksite employees. This plan includes coverage for worksite employees, their spouses or domestic partners and dependents. The EAP program provides 24-hour confidential assistance with stress, substance abuse, and financial, family or relationship problems, plus online resources.

Worksite employees can access the FEI webpage directly from TriNet (login.TriNet.com) under Benefits > My Benefits.


TriNet now provides your eligible U.S. based worksite employees enrolled in a TriNet-sponsored medical plan access to HealthAdvocate. Whether your worksite employees have questions about COVID-19, how to find health insurance for family members or are overwhelmed with medical bills, the HealthAdvocate team of nurses and billings and claims specialists can help your worksite employees get the answers they need, saving them time, money and worry. This benefit will be available at no charge until April 30, 2024. Also, HealthAdvocate covers your worksite employees and eligible relatives, which may include, their spouse, dependents and even their parents and parents-in-law. Click here for more details.