Benefits Strategy Solutions Period


The Benefits Strategy Solutions period is your company’s once-a-year opportunity to review your benefit funding strategy and make modifications for the new TriNet benefits plan year.

During this period, log in to TriNet ( to determine your benefits funding strategy.

Your company’s needs and the health care industry can change from year to year, so it’s critical to carefully review the TriNet-sponsored benefits offering.

Who’s involved?

The Benefits Decision Maker (BDM) at your company is responsible for submitting your company’s funding strategy during the Benefits Strategy Solutions period.

While final benefits renewal decisions rest with your company, TriNet is always here to help assist you with the process and provide you with insights that can help you make your decisions.

When do I need to take action?

Here’s an overview of the benefits renewal process.

Benefits Strategy Solutions Period and Open Enrollment Time Frames

June 20–July 18, 2023

Benefits Strategy Solutions Period

August 2–17, 2023

Open Enrollment Period for worksite employees

September 7–13, 2023

Open Enrollment Correction Period

October 1, 2023

New Benefits Plan Year begins