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The Executive's Roadmap to Best-in-Class HR Strategy

"The Executive's Roadmap" is a series of monthly thought-leadership webinars designed to provide insight into optimizing HR's contribution to your core business strategy. Access recent customer-exclusive webinars on-demand by clicking on the following links.
What the PPP Flexibility Act and New Forgiveness Application Mean for Your Business

Event date: July 1, 2020

TriNet leaders provide guidance to help you identify what you’ll need to address to maximize forgiveness of your PPP loan. This webcast covers the easing of rules around how businesses can use their loan funds, updates to the PPP loan forgiveness application including the “EZ” application, and more.

Updated Guidance on PPP Loan Forgiveness

Event date: May 28, 2020

TriNet leaders provide guidance to help you identify what you’ll need to address to maximize forgiveness of your PPP loan. It’s essential for small and medium-size businesses to take the time to understand the intricacies. This webcast covers the updated forgiveness rules, new timing definitions, review of the forgiveness application, and more.

Hard Data, Human Truths and the State of SMBs

Event date: May 21, 2020

The Harris Poll and TriNet leaders shed light on how entrepreneurs are dealing with—and emerging from—the COVID-19 crisis based on a series of industry-wide pulse surveys. In this webcast, you’ll discover how business leaders have handled the challenges brought on by the pandemic and how they’re formulating plans to move forward.

Maximizing PPP Loan Forgiveness for Your Business

Event date: May 13, 2020

TriNet leaders present recent developments to the federal small business loan programs and provide guidance to help you identify potential issues you’ll need to address to maximize forgiveness of your PPP loan. This webcast covers forgiveness rules, processes, sample equations and considerations that may impact your return to the workplace strategy.

Preparing Your Business for Returning to Work

Event date: April 30, 2020

TriNet leaders provide guidance to help you plan to successfully open your workplace while continuing to protect your employees and minimize risk. They explain how to align your transition plan with government guidelines, create a safe workplace, rehire employees and build workplace morale.

Bridging the Cash Flow Gap: Funding Options

Event date: April 24, 2020

TriNet and Brex, the leading corporate card for startups, provide you with information on funding methods available to SMBs and best practices to prepare your company to secure funding.

The State of Small and Medium-Size Business During COVID-19

Event date: April 17, 2020

TriNet and The Harris Poll, with findings from a series of industry-wide surveys, explore the extent to which SMBs are impacted by the pandemic and the measures they are taking.

Bridging the Cash Flow Gap: Navigating Small Business Relief Options

Event date: April 9, 2020

TriNet and Fisher Philips, a leading labor and employment law firm, provide an overview of the small business loan program and the application process, strategies for loan forgiveness and a look at additional relief programs.

Bridging the Health Coverage Gap

Event date: April 1, 2020

With COVID-19 delivering the U.S. economy a hard hit, along with employees at risk of losing their health coverage, SMBs need to understand the range of health coverage offerings available to them. TriNet, along with Pivot Health, a short-term health insurance provider, discuss health plan options for employees who lose coverage with the impact of COVID-19.

Families First Coronavirus Response Act: What Businesses with Under 500 Employees Need to Know

Event date: March 24, 2020

In these uncertain times, you want to make sure that you are taking care of your employees, while adjusting to the new legal requirements. TriNet, along with Fisher Phillips, a leading labor and employment law firm, address the impact of the Families First Coronavirus Response Act on your business operations. 

How Small and Medium Size Businesses Can Prepare for the Impact of COVID-19

Event date: March 17, 2020

TriNet, along with Fisher & Phillips LLP, a leading labor and employment law firm, answer some of the most frequently asked questions on COVID-19. For small and medium size businesses, the potential consequences of Coronavirus can present some unique challenges—and we want to help you prepare.

This presentation is for educational purposes only. TriNet provides its clients with legally compliant HR guidance and best practices. TriNet does not provide legal, tax or accounting advice.

2020 HR Compliance Update

Event date: January 30, 2020

New year, new laws, new compliance challenges! This webinar will walk you through many applicable new and updated employment laws to help you limit HR risk and liability.

AB 5 is NOT as Easy as A-B-C

Event date: December 5, 2019

ComplianceHR leaders provide an analysis of the provisions of CA's Assembly Bill 5, overview of the "ABC" test, and practical suggestions to help you prepare for compliance success. Click here to access the referenced white paper. 

Final Overtime Rule: Preparing for Change

Event date: October 31, 2019

ComplianceHR leaders explain how the rule affects your company and steps to take now to prepare for the 1/1/2020 deadline. You can also review this FAQ document and brief video on the overtime rule.

Effective Management of Virtual Teams

Event date: September 26, 2019

Join TriNet HR Center of Expertise leaders share actionable strategies and techniques for getting the most out of your virtual team and ensuring that they are motivated, engaged members of your company.

How to Promote a Diverse and Inclusive Workplace Culture

Event date: July 25, 2019

TriNet HR Center of Expertise leaders present the significance of diversity and inclusion initiatives and offer best practices that you can apply in your organization.

Wage and Hour Mistakes: How to Recognize and Avoid Common Landmines

Event date: May 16, 2019

In this final session of the "Spring into Compliance" series, ComplianceHR CEO, Lori Brown, and Littler Shareholder, Cory Glen Walker, discuss how to tackle your top wage and hour challenges, and how Navigator OT & Navigator Pay Practices (free tools provided by TriNet) can help you stay in compliance.

Understanding FLSA Overtime: Who Gets it?

Event date: April 25, 2019

In this session of the "Spring Into Compliance" series, ComplianceHR CEO, Lori Brown, and Littler Shareholder, Cory Glen Walker, further explore FLSA overtime standards.

FLSA Boot Camp Basics

Event date: March 20, 2019

ComplianceHR CEO, Lori Brown, and Littler Shareholder, Cory Glen Walker, present a deeper understanding of the Fair Labor Standards Act in the first session in the "Spring into Compliance" webinar series.

2019 Compliance Update

Event date: February 12, 2019

Jackie Breslin, Director of HR Center of Expertise, and Mike Simon, Sr. Employee Relations Consultant, present HR topics that may impact your business and employees in 2019.

Risk Factors for Workplace Sexual Harassment and What to Do About Them

Event date: December 12, 2018

Lorrane Sanders and Kelly Pacatte, Senior Employee Relations Consultants, help you recognize behaviors and situations that could lead to workplace harassment and increased risk of claims.

Overtime Redux: Here We Go Again!

Event date: November 6, 2018

ComplianceHR Vice President & former DOL Wage and Hour Division Administrator, Tammy McCutchen, discusses practical considerations of the Department of Labor's upcoming changes.

Common Myths of Modern Day HR Compliance

Event date: October 18, 2018

Sr. Human Resources Consultants Julie Shepard and Virginia Capezio dispel some of the most common HR myths that may surprise you.

The Workplace Redefined: Navigating Independent Contractor Compliance under the Shifting Legal Landscape

Event date: September 5, 2018

ComplianceHR CEO Lori Brown moderates a panel of contingent workforce thought leaders, including Neil Alexander and William Weissman from nationally known labor and employment firm Littler.

Maintaining Work Life Balance, Productivity and Mindfulness at Work

Event date: July 26, 2018

Gabriella Neubert, Senior Human Resources Consultant, and Angela Dunn, Human Resources Consultant, provide you with the tools for bringing a greater balance into your life.

Auditing for PAID

Event date: May 31, 2018

Former Wage and Hour Division Administrator and ComplianceHR VP of Strategy, Tammy McCutchen, and experts from Littler present an overview of various pay practices that may be addressed via self-audit under the PAID program, including misclassification, "off-the-clock" work and overtime calculations.

Paying Your Employees: Not That Simple

Event date: May 9, 2018

Monika Ethier, Principal Human Capital Consultant, and Hema Shinde, Human Resources Consultant, provide updates on pay equity and minimum wage laws, in addition to actionable information on how TriNet can help you stay compliant.

Courageous Conversations

Event date: March 29, 2018

Lynne Vu, Principal Human Capital Consultant, presents a thought process, action plan and preparation tips for communicating effectively while also keeping your relationships intact.

2018 Compliance Update

Event date: January 31, 2018

Sam Neff, Sr. Human Resources Consultant, and Mike Simon, Sr. Employee Relations Consultant, present HR topics that may impact your business and employees in 2018.