DEI Assessment

DEI is the future for most organizations, so how do you get it right?

Team Accelerator

What is a TriNet DEI Assessment?

DEI is no longer a “nice-to-have” feature within your company culture—it’s a strategic imperative to creating the most fair and competitive team possible. But how do you know where to start or if your current initiatives are making an impact? A DEI assessment establishes a data-driven approach to evaluate leadership and staff sentiments around DEI. It provides a forum to celebrate what is going well and uncover barriers to make a greater impact.

Career Transitions

How does the DEI Assessment process work?

We start with an executive team assessment to better understand leadership’s vision, goals and how DEI is practiced in the organization. Then, we deploy an organization-wide assessment that captures employee sentiments about DEI elements that are working well, and what improvements need to be made to strengthen diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging in your workplace.

Our Team

TriNet’s Organizational Development team applies 150 years of combined HR and talent management experience to help advance your organization’s DEI goals. These consultants work with companies like yours to assess complex situations and develop customized initiatives. Our work allows organizations to unite their strategy, people and culture to drive business transformation.


What are the benefits to executives and organizations?

  • Provides objective data that helps you prioritize the right interventions that will have the greatest chance of success.
  • Provides a safe forum for employees to express how they feel about DEI at your organization.
  • Defines a course of action to foster:
    • Increased innovation
    • Better decision making
    • Enhanced employee collaboration
    • Greater agility and flexibility
    • Increased employee satisfaction
    • Retention of talent
    • Better financial performance
    • Stronger employer brand

Start impacting change today

Whether you are just starting out on your DEI journey or you are already on your way, a DEI assessment can help you assess where you are today and develop an intentional plan of action to move your DEI efforts forward.

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