Compensation Consulting

Analyze your current compensation offerings to see if you lead, lag or match the market


What is Compensation Consulting?

Compensation Consulting helps you define your company’s overall compensation strategy. The TriNet Compensation Consulting team will help you develop a compensation strategy with your business objectives in mind, providing you with the means to confidently articulate that strategy through relevant organizational discussions.


How does Compensation Consulting work?

Your dedicated Organizational Development Consultant will help you create a written compensation philosophy statement to navigate decision-making and communication while focusing on organizational objectives and guiding principles. Your compensation philosophy equips your people leaders with the information necessary to have those often-challenging compensation conversations.

We will also help benchmark your organization’s compensation strategy against industry standards using information such as your annual revenue, operating budget and geographic location(s). Our compensation professionals will match your current positions to job descriptions in the market based on the corresponding responsibilities and requirements. By providing you with the most accurate market data available, we help you stay competitive with your compensation packages.

Embracing Leadership

What will I get from Compensation Consulting?

  • Compensation Philosophy Statement and communication plan
  • Compensation Data Report*
  • Positions matched to the market - Your dedicated compensation professional works with you to match the job description to the market based on the position’s job responsibilities.
  • Compensation data - We provide you with the base, incentive and total cash compensation of each position in the context of market percentiles.

*Pricing is based on number of positions and number of locations. 

Keep in mind that TriNet also provides a separate self-service Compensation Benchmark Report, powered by, accessible in Workforce Analytics by WFA role holders within the TriNet platform.

These products and services may be an additional cost. Simply submit the form on each page and a TriNet representative will provide pricing if applicable.

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