Employee Engagement Survey

Help uncover hidden issues ranging from benefits and compensation to recognition and career progression

Employee Engagement

What is the Employee Engagement Survey?

With the Employee Engagement Survey, it’s easy to measure and understand workforce attitudes, commitment, motivation and satisfaction. Our surveys provide you with crucial data enabling you to act quickly to effect change, improving the employee experience with a supportive work environment that fosters participation and productivity.

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How is the survey conducted?

TriNet will work with you to identify the best survey tool for your organization and create appropriate survey questions and will administer the survey on your behalf. The TriNet survey is confidential and anonymous, encouraging honest feedback and uncovering hidden issues, from benefits, compensation and performance to recognition, career progression and work environment. After the online survey is deployed and survey results are back in, TriNet will present survey responses, analytics and best practices with recommendations for improved and sustained employee engagement.

Learning Management

The Employee Engagement Survey provides:

  • Insight into your workforce’s understanding of the link between their efforts and the organization’s mission.
  • Opportunities to strengthen your company culture and your brand.
  • A demonstration to your employees that you care and are committed to their happiness and career success at your company.

These products and services may be an additional cost. Simply submit the form on each page and a TriNet representative will provide pricing if applicable.

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