Immigration Services

Support to help you acquire the best talent regardless of citizenship

Career Transition

What is TriNet Immigration Services?

TriNet’s Immigration Services team is a group of experienced specialists who provide information about the processes for U.S. immigration matters. We work with a third-party legal service provider to help streamline complex immigration applications by simplifying the flow of information. Our third-party legal service provider offers legal advice and processes U.S. immigration matters for businesses, your worksite employees and candidates.

Performance Management

Working with TriNet Immigration Services provides you with:

  • Peace of mind. Our hands-on approach allows businesses control of and transparency into their beneficiaries’ casework. 
  • Access to well-versed specialists who work alongside customers throughout the immigration process. The team provides information on visa types, application processes, costs and timelines.  
  • Cost efficiency with flat-rate pricing and consolidated invoicing. 
  • An understanding of processes involved with hiring foreign nationals and maintaining their work authorization status. 

These products and services may be an additional cost. Simply submit the form on each page and a TriNet representative will provide pricing if applicable.

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