Organizational Assessment

How do you know if your organization has the right capabilities for the future and which initiatives matter most?


What is the Organizational Assessment?

TriNet’s organizational assessment tool provides a baseline to evaluate where your organization is today and which areas to prioritize.



Assessment focus areas include:

Vision and Strategy: Does your organization have the strategic agility needed to make a distinctive impact?

Agile Leadership: Do you have the leadership capabilities today to thrive in the world of tomorrow? 

Talent Management: Are you investing in the right talent strategies and programs to optimize your employee performance? 

Inclusion and Culture: Does your organization have a set of norms, values and beliefs that enable your business and your people to thrive? 

People Analytics: Is your employee data providing insights to move your organization forward?

Performance Management

How does it work?

1. Executive team members complete 15-minute web-based assessment. 

2. Assessment results are aggregated and presented in a debrief session facilitated by a TriNet consultant. 

3. Key actions are identified and captured in an assessment document provided to the executive team.


What are the benefits to executives?

  • Highlights your organization’s strengths, weaknesses and which outcomes matter most
  • Provides a useful baseline for immediate transformation as well as a point of reference in the future
  • Facilitates a forum for discussion amongst the leadership team
  • Helps define a course of action to strengthen talent processes and infrastructure

I would like a TriNet Talent & Org Management director to contact me regarding a free Organizational Assessment.