Applicant Tracking

A cloud-based solution to help address your recruiting needs start to finish

Application Tracking

What is Applicant Tracking?

This applicant tracking solution helps manage steps in the recruiting lifecycle for your applicants, starting from the moment you need to fill a position. You can create new job posts, push them to popular career boards, and access candidate information on one platform. Applicant Tracking is easy to set up and has a fully customizable workflow.

Career Transitions

Why use Applicant Tracking?

  • Get a dedicated company careers page that you can customize and incorporate into your existing website. 
  • Post to the job boards that matter- from free boards like Indeed to paid specialty boards in addition to social media. 
  • See a full view of the candidates in your database, the jobs they’ve applied for and what your team thinks of them. 
  • Create applicant questionnaires to test candidates’ knowledge in relevant areas. 
  • See detailed feedback from your staff and hiring managers, review resumes and assessment scores in one place.

Learn more and get started

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