Document Management

Centralize your Employee HR Documents


What is Document Management?

Businesses no longer need to navigate a maze of employee documents, often without a formalized process, sent as attachments, links in emails or stored in physical locations. With TriNet’s Document Management, backed by Box, Admins can upload, request, view, search, download and archive their employees’ HR documents directly from the TriNet platform. Examples of supported documents include: 

  • Proof of trainings
  • Credentials 
  • Clearances
  • Letters and agreements
  • Certifications: Professional, Product and Corporate 

Plus, worksite employees can upload requested documentation using the drag and drop file feature and view their documents.


Keep sensitive HR documents protected

  • The Document Management solution is accessible to admins and worksite employees directly from the TriNet platform using TriNet login credentials.
  • Granular controls allow only permissioned users visibility and access into certain documents. Permissioned roles can also hide certain documents from employee view.
  • HR documents are protected with powerful cloud–native security and compliance capabilities from Box, including enterprise–grade infrastructure with encryption at rest and in transit.

Comply with records requirements

  • Centralized, digital repository to keep employment information for certain lengths of time as required by federal and state agencies, or store required professional certifications. (Customers are fully responsible for retaining and storing records and certifications according to the industry or jurisdictional requirements specific to their business.)
  • Ability to update relevant document details such as completion or expiration date to stay in compliance.
  • Worksite employees will receive automatic reminders when certifications are nearing expiration based on setting specified by the client.
Document Management

Start using Document Management:

  • View this tutorial video
  • Log into the Admin/Manger view of the TriNet platform. Document Management can be assessed by navigating to the Manage Employees dashboard and within Documents in the main menu. 
  • Note that this feature is only accessible to your employees who hold the HR Authorizer role.

If you have questions, contact Connect 360 via 24/7 Chat ( > Admin/Manager View > Contact TriNet > Chat), by phone (800.638.0461) Monday through Friday 6 a.m.–midnight ET (3 a.m.–9 p.m. PT), or by email ( TriNet is closed on select U.S. holidays.