Time and Attendance

Make real-time decisions based on real-time software and your employment data

online HR reporting dashboard for payroll

What is TriNet Time and Attendance?

Help keep your organization compliant with this time and attendance solution that reconciles your employee hours with each payroll run. With ample time and your employment data on hand, you have the power to drive efficiency with informed business decisions.

TriNet time and attendance HR dashboard

Why use TriNet Time and Attendance?

    • Help stay compliant. Choose from a list of most commonly used pay codes, and our team will help guide you along the way, from applying rules for your specific location to helping you add custom rules that apply to your business.
    • Easily manage your employees’ schedules and identify which employees are approaching overtime in an intuitive dashboard. The employee dashboard makes it simple for your employees to clock in and out and access work schedules.
    • Add rest breaks and manage meal periods that align with your scheduling policies.
    • Quickly generate work schedules and view scheduled hours for your employees by day, week or month.
    • Identify patterns, forecast trends and help predict operational needs such as help with minimizing overtime in the powerful analytics tool.

These products and services may be an additional cost.