What's Changing


Highlights for the 2021 Benefits Plan Year


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  • Delta Dental and MetLife will add a third cleaning in a 12-month period if medically necessary.
  • All dental carriers are adding a new dental plan with a $3,500 calendar year in-network maximum benefit.

Dental Plan Name:
Aetna Dental 0
Delta Dental 0
Guardian Dental 0
MetLife Dental 0



Annual Deductible



Coinsurance (Prev/Basic/Major)



Waiting Period



Annual Maximum






Orthodontia Lifetime Maximum



Orthodontia Coverage

Children and Adults

Children and Adults

Endo/Perio/Dental Surgery




  • VSP will cover standard progressive lenses at a $0 copay. Progressive lenses are no-line bifocal or trifocal eyeglass lenses.

Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA) and Health Savings Account (HSA)

  • The maximum health care FSA annual contribution limit for the 2021 benefits plan year will increase by $50 to $2,750. The maximum dependent day care FSA annual contribution limit for the 2021 benefits plan year remains unchanged at $5,000.
  • The maximum HSA single contribution limit for the 2021 calendar year has increased $50 to $3,600. The maximum HSA family contribution limit for the 2021 calendar year has increased $100 to $7,200.


  • No plan design changes.
  • Effective October 1, 2020, worksite employees who work in Washington State, as well as clients with worksite employees working in Washington State, who elect short-term disability, will have reduced rates due to Washington State Paid Family Leave.
    • Should a worksite employee become disabled, they will need to file for short-term disability benefits with both the state of Washington and The Hartford.
    • The benefit that worksite employees are eligible to receive from The Hartford will be offset with any state-paid family leave benefits that they receive.

Life and AD&D Insurance

  • No plan design changes.

Voluntary Benefits

  • The Aflac Group Accident Insurance plan has been enhanced to include a $50 per calendar year benefit when a wellness test is performed as a result of preventive care. This includes preventive screenings, immunizations and COVID-19 testing. Click here for details.

Voluntary Benefit Plans



Aflac Group Critical Illness Insurance

MetLife Legal Plan

Aflac Group Hospital Indemnity Insurance

MetLife Pet Insurance

Aflac Group Accident Insurance

MetLife Auto and Home Insurance

Other Benefits

  • Commuter benefits will be administered through HealthEquity as a result of their acquisition of WageWorks.
    • The HealthEquity name and logo will appear on the platform and communications.
    • There will be no plan changes or disruption in coverage.
    • New debit cards will not be issued until the worksite employee’s current debit card expires, or a replacement card is requested.
  • The maximum commuter benefits monthly contribution limit for the 2020 calendar year is $270 for both qualified parking and public transit expenses.
  • No plan design changes to the Employee Assistance Program.