What's Changing


Highlights for the 2025 Benefits Plan Year


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    • No plan design changes.


      • No plan design changes.

      Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA) and Health Savings Account (HSA)

      • The maximum health care FSA annual contribution limit for the 2025 benefits plan year is $3,200. The maximum dependent day care FSA annual contribution limit for the 2025 benefits plan year is $5,000.
      • The maximum HSA single contribution limit for the 2024 calendar year is $4,150. The maximum HSA family contribution limit for the 2024 calendar year is $8,300.


      • No plan design changes.

      Life and AD&D Insurance

      • Effective October 1, 2024, Basic Company-Paid Life and AD&D insurance coverage will be automatically reduced at ages 65 (to 65%) and 70 (to 50%) except flat-dollar plans less than $50,000.

      Voluntary Benefits

      • No plan design changes.

      Other Benefits

      NEW! Benefits Decision Support – Powered by Healthee

      Benefits decision support* is an integrated application within the TriNet platform that helps your worksite employees better understand the value of their TriNet-sponsored medical, dental and vision benefit options (if applicable), so they can identify the plan(s) that best fit their needs and make informed benefit elections.

      Worksite employees can utilize benefits decision support to:

      • Receive support with their medical, dental and vision benefits plan elections
      • Get a better understanding of estimated benefit plan costs, which include both pay-period costs and cost-shares (the share of costs covered by their insurance that they pay out of their own pocket)
      • Receive guidance on network coverage for specific providers
      • Compare benefits between plans

      For more information about benefits decision support, please click here for a list of Frequently Asked Questions.

      *If offered to your benefits eligible worksite employees, benefits decision support is an optional resource incorporated into their benefits enrollment experience.

      Health Advocate

      TriNet now provides your eligible U.S. based worksite employees enrolled in a TriNet-sponsored medical plan access to Health Advocate. Whether your worksite employees have questions about how to find health insurance for family members or are overwhelmed with medical bills, the Health Advocate team of nurses and billings and claims specialists can help your worksite employees get the answers they need, saving them time, money and worry. Also, Health Advocate covers your worksite employees and eligible relatives, which may include, their spouse, dependents and even their parents and parents-in-law. Click here for more details.

      Commuter Benefits

      The maximum commuter benefits monthly contribution limit for the 2024 calendar year is $315 for both qualified parking and public transit expenses.

      Employee Assistance Program

      No plan design changes to the Employee Assistance Program (EAP).