How TriNet HR Platform Works With Brokers

Brokers are trusted advisors when it comes to finding the right benefit plans. That’s why we give you the power to choose who you work with.


Option 1: Work with a Preferred Broker

With thousands to choose from, we’ve engaged with top firms. Plus, TriNet preferred brokers have proven experience in maximizing the value of our platform.

Choose a preferred broker at checkout and Benefits Administration is included with TriNet HR Platform at no additional cost.


Option 2: Bring Your Own Broker

Want to keep your existing broker? No problem. TriNet HR Platform allows you to continue working with your broker and integrate their plans onto our platform.

Available as an optional add on to any HR package.


Do you have a broker partner that offers benefits in my state?
Yes! We have broker partners across all 50 states.
If I don’t have a broker, how do I connect with a preferred broker partner?
Schedule a meeting with one of our sales consultants to make a connection with one of our broker partners.
What is the difference in using my current broker vs. using a preferred broker partner?
Whether you continue with your current broker or work with one of our preferred broker partners, both will have access to your account in the platform to help support your benefits program. However, working with a TriNet preferred broker partner means Benefits Administration is included in your base package at no additional cost. Otherwise, you’ll pay $5 per employee per month for access to Benefits Administration.
Can my broker get access to the TriNet HR platform?
Of course! We provide permission-based access that enables your broker to access your account within the platform – whether they are a TriNet certified broker or not.
Do I have to work with a broker to use TriNet HR Platform?
Absolutely not! While a broker can help you gain access to plans you may not find on your own, you definitely can self-administer your own benefit plans on the platform.

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