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TriNet Clarus R+D helps you get the most out of your R&D tax credit, leaving you time to maximize your business potential. 
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Get Credit for All You Do
Simplified tax credit process
Specialized software that eases the tax credit process and helps maximize credit value.
Support from experts
An expert team composed of CPAs and tax professionals with over 25 years’ experience in the R&D credit.
Expedited access to credits
TriNet proactively applies qualified credits, which means obtaining the credits faster than filing directly with the IRS.

Unlock R&D tax credit advantages

The R&D tax credit is a financial incentive that aims to encourage business innovation and growth. Potential benefits for your business include:
Financial boost: Significantly helps to reduce payroll tax liability and possibly generate cash refunds.
Driving innovation: Pursue new solutions, products, or improvements by with less reducing financial risk.
Increased competitiveness: Improve offerings and competitive edge by investing tax credits back into R&D.
Reinvestment in business: Reinvest the savings back into further research, hiring, marketing or other business growth strategies.
Easing cash flow: Provide a critical cash infusion for startups and smaller businesses with limited funds.
Attracting investors: Show investors a proactive approach to financial management.

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in processed tax credits


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See your potential R&D tax credit in 90 seconds

Use our simple R&D tax credit calculator to get an instant estimate—it takes just 90 seconds to complete. Knowing your possible tax credit can help maximize your savings and unlock funding to reinvest in your business’ growth.

"Clarus helped us qualify for over $160,000 worth of back-dated credits! Hiring Clarus R+D was one of the best decisions we have ever made as a company."
Kevin Gray, CEO, ApproveMe

Proven R&D tax credit success

Businesses of all sizes maximize their R&D tax credits and reinvest in growth with our expertise.
Startups: Claim up to $500K to offset payroll tax liabilities if you're developing new processes or products.
Growth businesses: Access non-dilutive funding to get the capital you need to expand. Our platform makes it easy.
Enterprise: Leverage our world-class platform and experts to drive efficiency and help with compliance.
Tax practitioners: We make it easy for tax practitioners. Our tax-pro-designed platform helps you maximize R&D tax credits for clients.

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