HR Tools That Grow With You

As your startup grows and your HR needs evolve, we have the right tools from doing it yourself with TriNet HR Platform, adding expertise when you need it, to getting full-service support with TriNet PEO.

The HR Expertise Startups Need
HR for startups is complicated, time consuming and high stakes. But you’re an expert in your field not HR. That’s where TriNet comes in. TriNet is the HR solutions provider you need in your corner, so you spend more time on business fundamentals with peace of mind knowing your HR administration is simplified so you can:
Lead more effectively
Focus on your business—not HR busywork.
Trade HR complexity for simplicity
HR expertise, solutions and tools to simply your HR operations.
Mitigate risk, maximize opportunity
Get expert guidance to help you spot rewards — and mitigate HR risks.

HR solutions for startup success

HR and payroll challenges for small and medium-size businesses can take time away from building your business. We’re here to help tackle those challenges so you can keep your eye on the prize. Here’s how:
When you’re growing, you need time. 28% of small businesses grew in 2020—this climbed to 69% for PEO clients.*
Maximize growth, minimize hassle
Scaling a young business takes laser focus and your full effort. We empower startups to focus on scaling by helping you tackle HR complexities. By reducing the time spent on day-to-day operations, we free up your resources, allowing you to concentrate on growth. Our HR technology and access to experts help streamline your processes, setting the stage for your business's accelerated development.
* NAPEO. Individual business results may vary.
67% of surveyed customers said they gained access to greater benefits through TriNet.*
Attract top talent with competitive benefits
In the competitive startup landscape, attracting and retaining top talent is crucial. We level the playing field, providing access to superior benefits that rival those of larger competitors. By working with us, you can offer attractive packages that not only draw in exceptional talent but also retain your best performers.
* Tech Validate. Individual business results may vary.
The U.S. Department of Labor enforces more than 180 federal laws.*
Effortless compliance for peace of mind
Navigating the complex web of HR compliance is daunting, especially when you’re an expert on your startup’s industry and not HR. Our expertise in employment-related rules and requirements helps to ensure your business stays up to date, no matter where you operate. We support these intricacies, so you can focus on growing your business with confidence.
*U.S. Department of Labor
Voluntary turnover was 10.5% less than the national average for non-government employers using a PEO.*
Cultivate a strong team culture
Building a cohesive team culture is pivotal for startup success. We help you create an environment where employees thrive. With our support in benefits, HR compliance, and expert guidance, you can foster a workplace culture that resonates with your vision and values, driving lower turnover and higher engagement.
* NAPEO. Individual business results may vary.
When you’re growing, you need time. 28% of small businesses grew in 2020—this climbed to 69% for PEO clients.*

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